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Unknow airport: xxx(IATA) ICAO not found! entries logged in game.log


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When running some Tracon!2012 scenarios (default or add on sectors) I observed that many flights were missing and were not being simulated despite being listed in the respective database files.

I checked the game.logs with the following result:

In almost all of my logs I found many entries labelled Unknow airport: xyz(IATA)   ICAO not found!

Here are some hints on what may cause such entries:

  • the database file schedule.txt contains one or more semicolons instead of comma
  • the database file schedule.txt contains one or more IATA airport codes which are not defined in the airports datase (airports.txt)
  • the database file schedule.txt contains one or more IATA airline codes (at the forth data field position on each line) which are not defined in the airline database (airlines.txt)

    However, if an undefined or misspelled IATA airline code is listed as code share airline (last data field position on each line in schedule.txt) then no log entry is generated. So undefined or mispelled code share airlines seems to be ignored by Tracon.
  • the database file airports.txt contains one or more lines which do not begin with 2 spaces characters. None or only 1 space at the beginning of each line in aiports.txt seem to cause Tracon to not recognise the IATA airport code

You can ressolve such issues by using a text editor and modify/correct these files in order to optimize your data and get more traffic. I t worked well for me, I successfully cleaned up my logs. But I would kindly like to remind you to copy and backup your files before you change/edit anything.




By the way,  logs posted by several Tower users do indicate that the database files (airports.txt, schedule.txt and airlines.txt) of Tracon and Tower do all have the same syntax and the same 'data field structure'.

Therefore the above information might be useful not only for Tracon but for Tower users too. May be somebody can verify my assumption 







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