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I am considering purchasing this product but wanted to know what to expect with regards to GA traffic, particularly at non-towered airports.  Should I expect an increase in GA aricraft flying around these, calling out their positions over the frequencies shared but airports in a region or will they be there and just silent.  It can get lonely flying around non-towered airports, but the scenery is gorgeous :-)


Any insight is appreciated

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I am also a noob user.  My home airport is a small rural county airport with no tower.  I have some static aircraft there that I injected via MyTraffic Interactive.  If there is any traffic flying in and around your airport, you will hear their chatter on the airport frequency (typically a regional airport ATC).  I sometimes do touch n gos from my airport and occasionally there is another GA aircraft doing the same and you can hear their positions being called out, so you'l need to be aware of your surroundings and how to fly the patterns (not that the other pilots will say anyting if you're doing it worng, but always a good habit to learn the patterns to make it more realistic).  Sometimes when I am taking off to or coming back from a cross-country flight, my little airport will have one or two GA aircraft flying around also and sometimes I will need to get into the traffic pattern in order to land if there are touch n gos going on.


Hope this helps!

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