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Please forgive me if this has already been published.  I tried to do an exhaustive search on the topics, but couldn't find the answers I am looking for.  I have also read the latest documentation.  I have MyTraffic 6 coupled with a stand alone flight simulator FSX-SE.  In addition, this is my first experience using a traffic add-on.  I have some traffic, when flying and sometimes I have static traffic at my home airport (KCEU - which is a very small rural county airport) and I assume the environment is working correctly, but I do have some nagging questions on how to use MyTraffic 6.  


My questions are as follows:


1-  I do not subscribe to any of the payware services (MyTraffic Live or UT2) to download their updated schedules; therefore, I assume that I should then use the Spring 2015, Autumn 2012 or one of the historic static schedules to populate my air traffic within FSX-SE.  Is this correct and are there any other options for "free" traffic offered that I did not mention?  If no, can you please explain what is incorrect?


2-  Assuming I am accurate on nbr 1 above, once the download is done, do I have to re-download each time I start FSX-SE?  My thinking here is once the traffic files are created, there is no need to download again unless I want one of the other schedules, correct?


3-  Assuming I am accurate on nbr 1 above, do I have to open MyTraffic 6 every time I start FSX...unless I want to add static aircraft through MyTraffic Interactive or download a different schedule?  My presumptive answer to this question is no, but so many add-ons require starting in order to inject their particular objects, etc. into the simulator.


Again, please forgive me if these questions have already been answered in a previous post or if I somehow overlooked these subjects in the documentation.


Thanks, for your help!

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1- this is correct. The next free incremental update is intended to bring summer 2015 schedules.


2- you download nothing, the communicator just allows you to copy files from your hard disk into a folder used by FSX


3- Unless you want to program schedules yourself, you don't need anything, FSX just will load the MyTraffic schedules insteadof its own fantasy airlines.

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Just start the UT2 tool as usual, and using the Communicator select the schedules which are intended to be used together with UT2 - which conatin the about 1300 airlines only which are missing in UT2.


What is "UT2 tool", do you mean UltimateTraffic2.exe?



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