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LON and EGTT zones updates (VatSim User)


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Hi simmers.


This is an update to ATC areas in EGTT (UK).

It is very easy to add the new control zones. With this update you will get de LON (N/S/C/SC/W) identified, and also the real EGTT zone.

For EGTT to work in new updated geocoords, you must search and delete/dissable the old region. Read to of original file to know how.

Remmember: Always do a backup of original files.

0. If open, close FSC9.
1. Open file in FSC folder: FSC9\Database\Online\fsc_vatsim.dat
2. Copy and paste the lines below to the bottom of file. Make shure don't have blank lines in between.
3. Save file.
4. start FSC9.


Eurocontrol areas published on request.


I have other areas also on request.

This is a continuous update, as I get the spoted areas fixed.


Note: The final version (r2) is in next post.



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More than 4 years later but still... thank you so much for this update. Finally I can fly over the UK on Vatsim and know who is controlling what area instead of just a box. No offense to Volker cause I still love FSCommander, but it should be implemented in the product when I bought it.

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