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New ILS not showing in FSC (solved)


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I know this topic has been covered before, but none of the replies actually state why or how to fix the problem?


So, my problem is this!


I have added an ILS to LEBB runway 12, using ADE. Compiled it and it saved the new .bgl file to the add on scenery folder. I have checked the r4, r5 and the runways .csv excel files, and the new ILS does show in them.


In FSX the new ILS is showing up on the map display, but FSC still only shows the ILS for runway 30.


I did run makerwys, followed by the FSCDatabase Manager.


I am using FSC networked, with the FSX folder shared and mapped, and FSC works fine. But it does not show the new ILS.


Help needed please!





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Hi Volker.


Yes, the DataBaseManager is executed by the client, and compiles fine, with no errors.


I mentioned running MakeRwys because some of my other add ons use the .csv files that it produces, and it is a handy tool to check that the new ILS is there!


I neglected to mention that the server is running windows 7, and the client is running windows 10, if that has any bearing!





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Hi Volker.


Just saw the "READ ME" sticky!


1. FSX Acceleration
2. FSUIPC 4.939 / WideFS 6.995
3. FS Commander 9.6 Rev 3 build  25 June 2015, and Database Manager Vers 9.6 Net(Build: 15 January 2015

4. AIRAC Cycle Navigraph 1506
5. Download version from your website
6. Operating System, Windows 7 64 Home Premium on the server. Windows 10 64 full on the client





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Hi Terry,
The answer to your problem is very easy.
You've made changes to this files LEEB*.*
These files can not be read. (See extract from the log file below)
The files does not meet the Microsoft conventions.
Error detection and correction in ReadBglFile: LEBB_ADEX_TS.BGL (#75)
Error detection and correction in ReadBglFile: LEBB_ADEX_TS.BGL (#52)
Error detection and correction in ReadBglFile: LEBB_ADEX_TS_OBJ.BGL (#75)
Error detection and correction in ReadBglFile: LEBB_ADEX_TS_OBJ.BGL (#52)
In your case the DBManager also reads the existing file BR2_LEBB.BGL.
Why did youinstall 2 LEBB Airports?.
01304 , 0123 , LEBB  - Bilbao
Another question: Why not match the PC time to the local time?
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Hi all.


Volker has been in contact me via email, and also through the forum, obviously. This does not answer or solve my problem though!


The new LEBB ILS is recognised by FSX! It shows up on the FSX map! That is obviously based on Microsoft convention, because FSX recognises it!


ADE is a well known and respected program!


ADE has added the new ILS and the r4, r5, and runways.csv files only show only 1 LEBB, and it shows the new ILS produced by ADE!


FSX map also shows the new ILS!


Volka, sorry to say, it is not simple!


I want a solution, not an excuse!


Hey! I just fly! I am not a computer programmer!


I leave that up to the "experts" to sort out what the problem is!


This reply does not sort out my problem!


I want to add "real life" ILS to the stock FSX! LEBB only has runway 30 as stock, but in "real life", runway 12 does have ILS!


And lots and lots of other airports!


When I plan my flights, I do need to know if I have all the correct ILS available!


And "real life" pilots do not do manual landings to an airport that actually has an ILS!


No! I am not happy with the response from Volka!


Solutions is what I need! Not excuses!





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Right. We'll start with a simple question from me.


Have you added an approach as well, or just the ILS? If you do not assign an approach as well as the ILS, then the ILS will not work properly (it'll be visible to the user aircraft, but only the user aircraft) - this is a known limitation of FSX and ADE will build you a simple approach if you ask it to, but you do need to ask it to.


I would also VERY strongly recommend that you go into your w:\FSX\MYTRAFFIC\scenery\ folder and change BR2_LEBB.BGL to .passive or .bgl.passive. This is always recommended when you have multiple BGL files pertaining to an airport, because depending on what order FSX reads them in, either the MTX or your file can be read and that can cause many problems. Personally, I would recommend looking at Burkhard's BR2_LEBB file, rather than the default, to modify, as he will have added parking spots designed to work with MTX traffic that you will lose if you do not use his file. I strongly suspect, in this case, that while you are in fact seeing parts of both BGL files, because they are so similar, you aren't noticing, while FSC is only picking up Burkhard's modifications, not yours.


Additionally, as a UK CAA IMC rated pilot, with a lot of friends and aquaintances in the flight training and airline industries, I can tell you for a fact that "real pilots" only use an ILS for convenience, if their workload is high, or because the weather demands it. Pilots want to fly, not watch instruments while the computer flies so they will always prefer a visual approach to keep their skills up or to manually fly the ILS if the weather demands.


I have not seen the text of your e-mails, but the tone of your post here suggests that they are far from polite, which is wholly unacceptable when people are trying to help you.


I have a similar situation to you - a Win7 notebook as a client and a Win10 desktop as a server. Please send me your modified ADE file and BGL file to ian@the_site_this_forum_belongs_to and I'll take a look.


Ian P.

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Hi tinpusher and Ian P.

Ok! Let us get something straight!

Volker (and yes Volka was just a typo!), in exactly the same way that he made a typo, quote "You've made changes to this files LEEB*.*", when in fact it was LEBB! Anyway, what he told me was, to me, "not easy"! I have absolutely no idea what it all meant! I did not understand it at all! And it was only a statement, with no mention of how to solve the problem!

Volker, and you, may understand what he said in his reply, but I did not! It was just a load of nonsense to me!

My problem has not been solved!

I am going to "bash around" again! I paid good money for FSC, and I do expect some customer support!

Labelling this topic as "solved" when it is obviously not, is also a bit "underhand"!

No wonder I am a bit "peeved"! I think I have every right to be upset! Customer support should be "help to solve the problem", and not just a brush off!

Ok Rant over.

Back to business!

Ian P. Thank you for trying to help out. Yes I did ask ADE to create an approach. I have the add on scenery (which is where ADE puts the "new" airport), at the top of the scenery index, so it should "read" that 1st? But I do not know about these things.

I will try and send you the ADE BGL file, and then try to modify the MTX BGL file.

What you have said does make sense. Thank you for the advice about the MTX BGL.

Yes, I am fully aware that "real life" pilots do like to "fly the ILS", but that is only if the ILS is actually there, LOL! I quite often fly manual approaches, using the ILS as a guide for the glideslope! Keeps my hand in! Oh! I am actually an aircraft engineer, and I did used to have a private pilots licence!

Hopefully, we can all work together to find out why FSC does not read the ADE format file, and to sort it out?



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I followed what Ian P suggested.


I used ADE to update the MTX BGL file.


Now FSC shows the new ILS! Yay!


Thank you Ian P.


Oops! Spoke too soon!


OK! Here goes!


I use the PMDG 777. It worked fine, until now!


All I have done is to edit the MTX BGL file, which now also shows the new ILS in FSC.




The PMDG 777 does not now load!


Choosing any airport, my PMDG 777 does now not work!


It loads, but it does not "initialise"!


Ugh! Why?


Fixed 1 problem but now I cannot use my PMDG 777!






If I manage to fix it, I will let you know!



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Further update!


Did a reboot, and now the PMDG 777 works! Loaded LEBB, and it seems to work fine!




But big thanks to Ian P!


It seems that he has sorted the problem! Edit the MTX BGL file, and not the default FSX BGL file!


No disrespect to Volker, but he should have known the problem and told me that?


Ian P. You are a superstar!


If anyone else sees this post, then you have actually solved the problem!


Wow! You are good!


How on earth did you figure it out?


All I can do is to shower with praise.


I apologise to Volker, and to tinpusher.


But this should have been sorted "at source"




Thank you!


You saw the problem, and you have actually sorted it out!





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The problem isn't that you edited the wrong file, Terry - the problem is that FSX is reading two BGL files for the same airport, which is a known major issue. At least yours isn't crashing, which a lot of peoples' sims do! What's happening now is that it's reading the ILS in the first file it sees (scenery.cfg can be ordered in a different order than your scenery library in the sim, which I suspect is what's happening here), so it's displaying it.


You really do need to ensure that one of the two is disabled, as both Volker and I have suggested, to ensure no problems between the two in the future.


Edited to add: Something that Volker has pointed out in an e-mail to me has just made me have another thought as well... There are permissions issues in Windows 10 when communicating with Windows 7, especially if you use administrative shares (c$, d$, etc.) - are you using the same username on both PCs and are they both able to read/write to folders on each other?




Ian P.

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Hi Ian P.


Thanks for the explanation.


I had a look at the scenery.cfg, and sure enough, the area 120 (add on scenery) is at the bottom! That is where ADE places the "new" edited airport, and from my understanding of ADE, it then automatically disables all other same name airports? Maybe just moving that area 120 to the top of the scenery.cfg is the easiest option? Then any airport I edit  (whether stock or MTX), will be seen 1st, and processed by FSC? Ah! But from what Volker said, the ADE file that is produced when editing a stock FSX airport, is unreadable? I am a little confused still though! FSC has now read and processed the ADE edited MTX file, but it does not read and process the stock FSX ADE edited airport BGL file?


Volker has never mentioned disabling one of the airports.


May I ask how I do that anyway? In the stock FSX scenery area, it does not list the airports by ICAO, so how do I know/find which file to change to passive? Ah! Just figured out how I can find that, whilst typing this! The search stock airport feature in ADE shows the corresponding APX file and which scenery area it is in!


Going back over what you have said, and to see if I have grasped which direction to go, I should 1st move the area 120 to the top of the scenery.cfg, only edit the MTX version (which you said was the better one to edit, because of the parking slots by Burkhard?), and then disable the stock airport by renaming the APX file, and also then disable the MTX BGL file? I am not sure if I actually need to disable the stock or MTX files though, because ADE automatically "excludes" them?


To answer your question in your edit. My PC (server) and the laptop (client) have different usernames. I have absolutely no problems with file sharing or communication problems with any of my programs running on the laptop. I use "everyone" for permissions, with full control. I run ActiveSky2012, Pro Flight Emulator, FSC, FSBuild 2 and the remote FSCaptain FCDU from the laptop, and I have no problems whatsoever. I can read/write to all folders on the PC, and the shared folders on the client.


Why I had to do a reboot after editing the MTX file, to get the PMDG 777 working, I don't know, but I suspect that it just did not like the "new" scenery file? But it did work again after a reboot.


Thanks once again for all your help and guidance.


Best Regards.



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Hi Terry,


I've had another e-mail from Volker, which explains another option, which also makes sense... You've shared your FS directory, evidently with permissions of "Everyone", which will work fine, although it'll make PC security types sob into their keyboards. The question is, is FSX also on your "W:/" drive, or do you use that only for scenery?


As Volker just pointed out to me, if the drive isn't shared and thus cannot be seen by the client PC, then FSC can't scan the BGL file to get the airport information.


Anyway. It's only partially the position in your scenery library that determines what overwrites what. It's actually a series of entries in the BGL file, which are usually added by ADE, so I suspect they will be there, which are what disables scenery at a lower priority in the library... Or they should. The problem is, that doesn't always seem to work 100%, which is really annoying!


The critical place to look is your Scenery Library inside the sim (i.e. through Settings/Scenery Library from the front page, or World/Scenery Library when flying). The theory is that Higher Priority (i.e. lower number on the right hand side, closer to the top of the list,) should take priority over Lower priority (higher number, further down the list) - provided that the two airport files use the same ICAO code and file structure.


MTX should usually be located immediately above "Propellor Objects". I'm looking at my development FSX-SE install here, so that would put MTX at Priority 19 on this install. Addon Scenery is at Priority 12, so anything in my Addon Scenery would overwrite anything that Burkhard has put in MTX, provided the "remove" code is present and the file structure is the same. As you say, the only reason I recommended editing Burkhard's rather than the default, to add the ILS is because he adds extra parking spots which you would otherwise lose and you may not see traffic as a result.


I thought one of Volker's recommendations was to only have one LEBB file present? It's always a good idea to disable one if you are using an alternative: Using Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer!) go to w:\FSX\MYTRAFFIC\scenery\ and click twice on BR2_LEBB.BGL add ".passive" on the end to make it "BR2_LEBB_BGL.passive" and it will stop being read by the sim, thus avoiding all the problems.




Ian P.

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Hi Ian P.


Isn't it a minefield eh?


Yes I can confirm that my whole FSX is on "w" drive, which is a mapped "drive" on my network, as per the "RED" warning instructions in FSC! It is not only the scenery that is shared.




Whatever I have done does work!


We all know that FSX is seriously flawed! We all strive to make it better!


Sharing info, and helping each other is the way forward.


That is why I got so upset by Volker not "helping"!


We should share info. Talk it over, and then make things better?


Personally speaking, with your info and help, I have made progress. I have learned a lot. I thank you for that.


This is how it should be! Talk things over. Try and help to solve the problems.


Best Regards.



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It's worth remembering that English is not Volker's first language - although his English is a very great amount better than my German!!!  :oops:


Volker was helping, but by the look of what I've seen, there's a bit of a language barrier here; people aren't understanding exactly what's being said by the other side of the discussion.


Anyway. Glad it's working.




Ian P.

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Hi Ian


I did make my apologies to Volker earlier, but I will apologise again.


Obviously I did misunderstand what Volker had said.


Thanks again for stepping in and helping me to get around the problem.


I have been editing quite a few airports now, using Burkhard's MTX BGL files. They all show the new ILS in FSC, and test flights show that they work, and have approaches. Unfortunately, not all FSX airports are covered in MTX! I have found a few "missing" ones, which I wanted to edit, but I cannot, because ADE obviously writes BGL files, taken from "stock" FSX airport files, that are not compatible with FSC!


As you are obviously very experienced, may I ask a question?


The "stock" FSX scenery files are not BGL files? I am actually away from my computer for the next 5 weeks, away on holiday, so I cannot follow up on whatever you tell me, but I cannot see any BGL files in the "stock" FSX scenery areas? So my question is, where are the FSX BGL files? ADE does find the "stock" FSX BGL (or airport?) files, imports them, and shows the scenery area location, followed by a 5 figure number (if I remember correctly), and lists it as an ADX file? 


Yes, I am confused by it all!


But listening to what you have told me, I do want to get things right!


You have mentioned making the MTX BGL file that I have edited, "passive", which is something that I will look into. What about the "duplicate" default/stock FSX airport though? Unless MTX has already added an exclusion?


And the other question is, do I have to edit the FSX scenery.cfg file to reflect the order set in the FSX settings/scenery structure?


Sorry to ask so many questions!


As things stand though, everything seems to be working 100%! I would like to have some understanding though, about FSX scenery structures/files, just in case strange things happen?


Thanks again.


Best regards.



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