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Help! I don't see Airborne AI Traffic in FSC (solved)

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Hi guys any help one can provide maybe helpful. I can see AI on the ground in FSC and FSX and I can see them taxi and takeoff in both. However, when the aircraft is airborne I loose them in FSC but I can still see them in FSX (both visually and when flying advanced 3 party aircraft like PMDG 777 and VRS F-18E via radar).


Does anyone else have this issue?

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Sorry Volker!


Simulation Platform:        FSX Acceleration

FSUIPC/Wide FS:            4.939n/6.999b

FSC App Version:            9.6 Rev 1 build March 3, 2015

FSC Database Manager: 9.06

FSC supplier:                   Aerosoft verson (download)

OS:                                   Win 7 SP 1


FSUIPC Options and Settings:

Limit TCAS rang: 0 nm

Set TCAS id string from: Flight

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Volker thank you! You are a genius! I was comparing your screen shot to mine and I noticed we have different FSUIPC TCAS id string settings. Mine is set to Flight, so I see airline names but once they airborne, I guess FSX doesn't associate that with anything so they disappear. When I change the setting to Type+, I see aircraft by manufacture, Aircraft Type, ORG - DEST, ALT, HDG and KT. I now see planes in the air. I guess it's a relationship with FSX, FSUIPC and UT2 air labels.


Thank you for your help - have a great vacation!

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This is very interesting! FSC ATC ID info for AI aircraft is separated for both ground and air traffic. So when TCAS ID string in FSUIPC is set to "Flight", that data is provided from FSX for ground traffic. However, once the aircraft is airborne - that information no longer exists, even though I see in the Traffic Tools. I will research more! I have always wanted to see "Airline Name" on AI in FSC -  I wonder does anyone see airline info in airborne aircraft?

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