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Phenom100, FSX Crashes after 15min everytime


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Phenom100, FSX Crashes after 15-20min every time I fly


I bought a new laptop with specifications chosen to help FSX work more smoothly, especially with the Phenom. With my old laptop the Phenom was virtually unflyable. So after getting this laptop a week ago, I have a mixed response. Beautifully smooth to fly, but the it crashes FSX every single flight, 15 to 20 min into the flight.


Toshiba Satellite

Windows 10 Home ed

Intel i7 5500 at 2.4GHz


NVidia GeForce 930M with 2048mb

Laptop is just 1 week old


FSX Gold with Accelleration pack installed (hence SP2 level)

No other add-ons installed yet. I wanted to see the Phenom flying before adding anything else.


Settings as follows:

1920 x 1080 x 32 with target frame rate of 24

Global texture res about 75%

Antistropic and anti-aliasing

Most tick-boxes ticked

Scenery and terrain sliders all 50 to 60%

Cloud to 100mi (80%) with high detail (70%)

Traffic sliders, all 40 to 50%


Flight conditions:

I start cold and dark, follow the procedures and checklists and end up departing nicely.

I either reach my cruise altitude or close to it, before FSX crashes.

If I reach alt, then I set cruise speed.

There is usually not a lot happening when it crashes.

I have tried it in daylight and dark night.


I bought this Phenom package 3 years ago. Have there been any patches? I wanted to buy one of the other feelThere Embraers back then, but I worried my old system wouldn't cope with those either. Now that I have a better computer, I want to get this problem sorted then look at the other Embraers.


Thank you

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No.. the first few times I flew the training route from the manual. The next few times I flew VFR, no flight plan, setting direct-to on the GPS, from Melbourne Australia to Adelaide, a couple of times at night, a couple of times in daylight. Same thing happened over both routes.


Edit: I just flew the same route (Melb-Adel) with the default 747, without a hitch.




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Ok, so I did a bit of experimenting.


First I ran it under compatibility for XP/SP3. I flew the Phenom for an hour and exited normally. The big problem was the frame rate dropped dramatically. So I tried it under Win 7 compatibility and only flew long enough to see that the frame rate was almost equally bad.


Frame rates:


Win 10:    23 fps

Win XP:   1.4 fps (at worst it was 0.8 and at best it was 2.2)

Win 7:      2.4 fps


With those frame rates, compatibility is unworkable. :/

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Ok... I did as suggested. I uninstalled the Phenom, set the compatibility of the Phenom install package for Win XP/SP3 and then ran the install.


It still crashes FSX, but with one small difference - it now flies for 45 min before crashing. I've flown it 3 times, with the same result each time - once in calm weather, and twice with live weather. After the first flight, I restarted the laptop to see if that would help, but it made no difference.

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I tried a different route today, twice. Same departure airport, different destination.


1st attempt. Cold and dark start at duty runway. Went through procedures and got into the air. Lasted 15 min.


2nd attempt. Stopped antivirus and Malwarebytes. Went into services. Stopped AV related services. Stopped any update service (e.g. Adobe Acrobat update service). Stopped Windows Defender. Then, cold and dark start at duty runway. Went through procedures and got into the air. Lasted 15 min... again.

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  • 3 weeks later...

It's working now! I just flew a perfect flight and logged 1.6 hrs from YMEN to YPAD.


The fresh install of Win10 seems to have helped a lot, but I haven't installed Office, Trend AV and other programs that I use, yet.


Here are my specs with the previous install, before running FSX:

RAM usually around 2.7GB used, peaking to about 4GB (of a total 8GB).

Hard drive in use, 90-100% a lot of the time.


Here are my specs with the current install, before running FSX, no Office or Trend AV or other programs installed:

RAM usually around 1.6GB used, peaking to 3.2GB, but usually remaining low.

Hard drive in use, 5 to 20% most of the time.


Several suspects for why it didn't work with the original Win10 install:

- Win10 not installed properly

- Trend AV may have a heavy footprint

- Office 2016?? Does it have background things going on?

- Other legacy programs even though I run FSX with no other progs running

- Something else


Last point....... Yay! I have a working Phenom 100!! ;)

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