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FSX Crashes - Patches600.exe may be responsible

Ray Proudfoot

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Hi Burkhard,


I have had a stable FSX install for some time now but on a flight into JFK from the south FSX crashed on me just before the waypoint CAMRN at 15:10Z. My heading was around 350, altitude 11,000ft flying Concorde.


Despite reloading a FSUIPC saved flight it still crashed with ntdll.dll as the cause three times. I also had a StackHash_90e5 crash.


Having had a stable sim for a long time I thought about what I had installed recently. New airports were hundreds of miles away but I had installed patches600.exe.


I decided to revert to the 3 BGLs saved prior to installing that patch and the rest of the flight was fine. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It seems too much of a coincidence when reverting to previous BGLs caused no further crashes.

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There had been several reports that these schedules might have introduced instabilities, which could not be reconstructed on other systems. This is the main reason why I run a public beta now for thr 6.0a update to ensure this does not happen again on a large basis.

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If i knew such a utility, I could use it. But htings unfortunately are not reproducable in most cases.

Often, when you have saved a situation that crashes reliable, you can try to identify the culprit by removal of aircraft. If there are problems there, then this can help to find the aircraft folder . indeed a few bugs where found this way. But now users observe that when they copy the removed aircraft back problems do not show up again - so it is nothing inside MyTraffic, but looks more like a bookkeeping problem inside FSX.

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