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Tower 2011 having issues reading ICAO codes from airport txt


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I have purchased more of the add-ons for Tower! 2011 (multi player version) to expand the airports that i can work from. I have gone thru the game.log file and added airports that were missing with great success. Some of the airports that keep coming up though appears to be a problem with the software itself not able to read the ICAO even though it is in the airport.txt file for the database. I have confirmed this info from the flightaware website including the Longitude/Latitude. I deleted them from the file, saved the file and then readded them to no avail. I have even went back to the original airport.txt that came with the original game to no avail as well.



Does support know about this or has anyone else been able to over come this issue. A list of the airports with the info from the airport.txt file is below:



  CLE Cleveland(Hopkins)  OH  USA              41.41 N   81.86 W KCLE

  IAH Houston(Bush Intl)  TX  USA                  29.84 N   95.34 W KIAH

  MEX Mexico City  Mexico                              19.26 N   99.05 W MMMX
  MCI Kansas City(Intl)  MO  USA                   39.18 N   94.44 W KMCI

  MKE Milwaukee(Mitchell Intl)  WI  USA         42.95 N   87.90 W KMKE

  EWR Newark(Liberty)  NJ  USA                    40.41 N   74.10 W KEWR



Thanks in advance


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In my experience, the format of the airports.txt file is critical.  Make sure your files match the layout of the original exactly.  Also, none of my files contain () -- I don't think that should matter but you never know.  Check the format on the "Additional Airports" file under "Schedule Creator 17" topic.


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Same thing with Tracon!2012. Took me a long time to get my airports.txt with additional airports to work.


Here s some of my observations:

  • less than 2 space characters at beginning of each line in airports.txt -> Tracon logs:  UNKNOWN AIRPORT: XXX(IATA) ICAO NOT FOUND!
    Flights to or from that airport do not appear in the sim, SID/STARs not allocated
  • less than 15 space characters between the Country and the first coordinate -> my version of Tracon did crash

So I had to make sure each line of airports.txt does start with 2 space characters. Further I did insert at least 20 spaces between the Country and the latitude coordinate. Now it seems to be fixed.




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So couldnt figure out what the issue was with the format or names so i deleted and reinstalled the game and add-ons. I then did a stare and compare of the original file and my file and nothing hit on the diff tool. So i readded the missing airports from the original and now starting the game, i dont get any errors in relation to the ICAO codes.



Who knows what it was but at least the game is functioning.

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