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Tracon 2012: KMIA Low Number of Arrivals with Config file

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I've noticed an oddity while playing Tracon 2012 at KMIA in that the number of airplanes handled while controlling approaches is quite low. However, when removing (or renaming) the config file the flight volume is doubled. 


In testing this situation I extracted an hour of arrivals and created the small schedule file (attached). The total number of arrival flights is 27. Using this schedule file and the cfg file only 9 airplanes ever show up in the game. When I remove the cfg file (actually just rename it) the number of flights appearing in the game doubles to 18. However, obviously they don't use the preferred STARs.


I haven't really noticed this situation in LAX but it could exist there too.


Has anyone else run across this? Any idea why all 27 flights don't show up (with or without the cfg file)? Is there some sort of internal arrival governor on the game? From what I can tell departures are OK. 


If it matters, my OS is Windows 10 and I am running version 5.829.1077 of Tracon 2012. Oh, and my density sliders are maxed out.


I'd appreciate any insights.


Thanks, Craig



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I figured out the issue. I had to change the HILEY TWO (now HILEY SIX) arrival to start at MLB instead of OMN. Now the flights seem to follow the config file (i.e, use the HILEY SIX STAR). 


When letting TRACON determine the route everything from the north seemed to use ANNEY ONE. ANNEY ONE begins at MLB so I thought I'd give it a shot.


Not sure why this fixed things, but it did nonetheless. Anyone have a clue as to why?

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I just had a look into my installation/configuration. I did only found 15 valid airport to STAR allocations related to the Miami sector!


So the schedule Craig used to test wouldn't work well with my installation either, because there are many airport allocations missing which define the STARs (or SIDs) to be used for a specific flight (at least in my installation).


I'd like to recommend to check the SID/STAR allocation entries related to KMIA in the file sidstar_cfg.txt. 


The (probably missing) airports from the test schedule posted above can be added manually by using a text editor. Another test run should have more arrivals afterwards.



in order to 'define' arrivals to KMIA from SJU and CGM via the STAR DEKALL TWO you would write:


or,  in order to further add arrivals to KMIA from IAD and IAH via the STAR ANNEY ONE:

# previous airport (if any)


# next Airport (if any)

and so on ...


The same procedure may be used to add/allocate new or missing SIDs under the section labelled with # SIDS.

To find out which STARs and which SIDS do exist for Miami (defined within the sector definition file) and which are available for allocation within sidstar_cfg.txt you might want to use the airspace editor.





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