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FSX [Boxed] & FSX-SE + Win 10 issues

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Hello, This is more of an 'info' post for any that might find the same issue I've had. 


I held off upgrading my Win 7 to Win 10 until just recently. I first upgraded my server pc last weekend that hosts FSX [boxed] and TeamSpeak servers as well as other items for me. It is my old gaming computer; an X58 build with i7 960 with a EVGA 680 FTW. Once I upgraded it and found troubles to be minimal I upgraded my game pc this weekend; an X99 build with a 5930K and GTX 980Ti. It went pretty well. [On both systems I did the upgrade and not a clean install]. 


My trouble came in Free Flight. I'd choose my stock FSX ac and spawn in (all is good), then change aircraft to test my A2A planes and FSX crashes to desktop. I can choose any plane at startup and it's fine. If I choose stock plane and switch to another stock plane (even different paint on same plane) game still crashes. 6+ hours of testing down to a couple sentences here... Installed ALL latest motherboard drivers, GPU drivers, DirectX, C++, made sure Windows was up to date, re-ran latest A2A update, re-installed latest FSUIPC, latest LINDA, etc etc. Finally started with fresh install and started adding my extras, i.e. A2A, FSUIPC, etc. I've narrowed it down to a couple of things. First I noticed that I had to remove some of my custom FSUIPC settings. I had to let FSUIPC build a new .ini file and then edit my settings again. I had to leave any weather settings alone in FSUIPC. I also found that on the Miscellaneous Tab checking "Non-scrolling FS msgs to be white" can at time cause it to be unstable. I left this checked however and went on a 2 hour flight today in the B17 and it went very smoothly. 


I found this in my Windows logs as well. It seems that the file ntdll.dll is to blame in almost all the crash reports. I could not find any error reports in the FSUIPC log file.



Faulting application name: fsx.exe, version: 10.0.61637.0, time stamp: 0x46fadb14

Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 10.0.10586.0, time stamp: 0x5632d9fc

Exception code: 0xc0000005

Fault offset: 0x00053d87

Faulting process id: 0x15a4

Faulting application start time: 0x01d11eea207f1863

Faulting application path: E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\fsx.exe

Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll

Report Id: e12a8c9b-7883-4a2e-bc26-4adce8720c26

Faulting package full name: 

Faulting package-relative application ID: 


This is all a little above my pay-grade so it does not mean a whole lot to me but I have it working properly now. It is not just my gaming FSX that crashes but also FSX-SE and the FSX server on other pc. I know Microsoft just did it's first major update for Win 10 and thought possibly that has something to do with it. I'll be curious to see if others have the same issue. Maybe when Pete Dawson gets back in early December he can look into it and see if they have dorked something up that his wonderful program requires.


Let me know if you have the same issue please.   ;-)



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Maybe when Pete Dawson gets back in early December he can look into it and see if they have dorked something up that his wonderful program requires.


NTDLL just contains a load of standard Windows API functions which really haven't changed at all in many many Windows versions. FSUIPC's use of them is very slight. It is much more likely to be one of the gradually-being discovered glitches in the FS code itself in relation to both Win8 and Win10, mostly in relation to the joystick interfaces.


BTW the "Non-scrolling FS msgs to be white" option is merely one bit in a parameter in the message calls to FS, and only apply to messages being displayed at the top of the screen by applications actually using FSUIPC for this.


Anyway, glad you managed to overcome it as there's really no way I can diagnose NTDLL crashes.



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