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Tower 2011 Adding a terminal to airport


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Using KMIA and noticed that even though the chart shows UPS and FEDEX terminals to the north of runway 8L/26R they seem to use the west  cargo terminal. Is there any way to add a terminal to the airport so that it will use the correct terminals.


Also, how do i add a terminal to the main airport so that more flights can arrive/depart as the current schedule i am using has flights that cant be used cause there are no gates. I got the schedule from the Schedule creator tool. I do have my arrivals/departure set for 100% on the sliders but still get this status in the game.log


Just curious on both accounts.





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You usually cannot easily add more gates to the game at the main terminals.  For an example of creating a terminal using existing taxiways, look at the Schedule Creator topic and you will see some instructions for creating a cargo terminal at LAX.  You might try these at MIA.


I usually keep my departure slider at 100% and the arrivals around 80%...that seems to make gates available.  Do not overload the schedule with Schedule Creator.  At the larger airports with multiple runways, using 1000 flights over 24 hours seems to give an active game.

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I normally use 4 runways (8L/R, 9, and 12) at MIA. I have the schedule with 1180 flights i believe ( to took data set number from creator and doubled it). But i just noticed some flights that were not built cause of the gate issue and was looking for a way to add gates to existing terminals or to add a new terminal. I will look at the creator post and look thru the LAX Cargo setup you mention.

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