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No taxi lights in AI of MYTRAFFIC 6

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Thanks Burkhard. I´m using FSX Accelerator. I switch on my own lights and I can tell you that there is several airplanes that has taxi an landing lights that illuminated the ground, but several (a lot) no. Only in the fuselage, logo and wings. For instance: Boeing B738 NO, MD80 NO, Airbus YES, and Bombardier some model yes other no. I was reading the airplane.cfg, and I find differences in the lights, but I´m not a programmer and I don´t know what todo. I´sending a   hardcopy of my settings.


A question:  has all the airplanes lights?. 


Thank you for your help

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Ok Thanks. I thought that the airplanes of your program was yours also. Then..How can I put lights on the airplanes of your program? Do you know who is the programmer? Any help, please?


Factor of 3 in performance What is the meaning of it?


Best regards,

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All those models have been created by me.



There are tow ways to add lights to AI aircraft. 

Way one, the usual one: Add it as an entry to the aircraft.cfg file. These lights then are tracked as soon as an aircraft enters the reality bubble, which means in average is less than 150 miles away. While they are nicely visible over a long distance of up to 15 miles, they need CPU power and affect frame rate even 150 miles away. Simple example, place 500 aircraft with 20 lights this way each into Paris - and the frame rate at London is down to one per second.


Way two, add it to the mdl file. These lights then are tracked in FSX, P3D V1 and P3D V2 until some patch to 2.5 as far as the visual model is tracked, 8 miles. A bit more would be nice, but one can live with this - AI aircraft in Paris no longer cost frame rate in London. I experimented a lot with this - the amount of CPU ticks needed in average to display the AI traffic  with way one is three times the one with way two - with way 2 you can have up to 1000 AI aircract in the bubble, with way 1 to the maximum 330.


As it looks, but I did not have the time needed to really understand this, P3D V3 only displays these lights with the highest LOD model. This would make P3D V3 incompatible to FSX/FSX SE(P3D V1 /P3D V2 until 2.4 - what to do I have not worked out yet, but know that this will take 3 months at least without any other activity for MyTraffic - so I still hope LM fixes this...

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