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2 Korean Air planes at KATL


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I opened up my KATL airport and noticed that there were two Korean Air planes in Terminal E.  Yet when I check my schedule it shows only one flight from Atlanta to Seoul on Korean Air and one flight from Seoul to Atlanta.  So why are there two planes there.  There shouldn't be.  Can someone answer that question?  Thank you.

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Are you using the default schedule, or one you created with Schedule Creator?


What are the times associated with each flight?  They could be several hours apart on the schedule but if there is no other demand for those gates they could appear.


Are you sure they were both Korean...it is hard to tell one airline from another in the view...does any other airline use Terminal E?  Airlines are terminal specific, but not gate specific.


More data...

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They are both Korean.  I use the default schedule, but I make changes based on real schedules from the airlines that I look up on their website.  I know there's no overlapping.  I have one flight that comes to Atlanta, stays for a few hours (I'm not sure how long), and then flies back to Seoul.  I double checked all that stuff.  I thought briefly that there could be a KLM plane next to it, but after looking at the terminal real closely, I know that they are both Korean Air.

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