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STB for P3D v3.x

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Hi Simon,


Have you had a chance to get into this? Is there anything you need from us that would help?


Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year,



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Hi Clayton

I'm glad to say I have indeed.  I'm testing the installers right now, and hope to have something ready for beta testing this side of Christmas.


Perhaps not outwardly, but inwardly a lot has changed including:

- Massive reorganisation of the Visual Studio projects to make 99% of the code shared between the various simulator implementations;

- Upgrade to VS2013;

- New installer technology "Inno" that should make it easier to distribute updates in the future;

- Prepar3D V3 platform updates including:

  - Using prepar3d.exe to manage dll.xml and exe.xml;

  - SimConnect V3;

  - Reading the traffic sliders from SimConnect rather than injected DLLs;

  - Support for the multiple ids now behind the user aircraft;


Much of this is to make STB more managable, it's become a significant task with 4 distinct simulators to support.  Some of those will have to start dropping off as we go forward.


Please watch for beta annoucements, and if I don't say it before, Happy Christmas to all my friends here and a prosperous new year!




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Good to know.  And I have no problem with a small surcharge for the update/upgrade given the bunch of work required under the hood er, bonnet.  :razz:




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Thanks for that fantastic news Simon. I now have my P3Dv3 stable and running sweet & I'm really looking forward to seeing the beta and will help with testing if I can.

btw - have you had a chance to put your new rig through its paces?


Merry Christmas to you and all our fellow simmers from near CYVR and wishes for a very happy & prosperous New Year.


Best regards,


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