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Problem with Majestic Dash8 Q400

Marco Milesi

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Hi all

i have another problem with my tracker developed in VBnet.

With the Majestic Q400 I do not record the location (latitude and longitude) and then not let me see the track while with all other aircraft works ok.


Offsets that use are:


    Longitude As Offset(Of Long) = New Offset(Of Long)(&H568)
    Latitude As Offset(Of Long) = New Offset(Of Long)(&H560)
while for the calculation use this function:
    Public Function getlatitude()
        Dim latdata = (Latitude.Value * 90 / (10001750 * 65536.0 * 65536.0))
        Return latdata
    End Function
    Public Function getlongitude()
        Dim longdata = (Longitude.Value * 360.0 / (65536.0 * 65536.0 * 65536.0 * 65536.0))
        Return longdata
    End Function
does anyone know why?
Thanks in advance
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Hi Marco,


It would be very surprising if a certain aircraft was stopping FSUIPC from reporting the Lon/Lat.


Do you know what values are being returned from the function? Place a breakpoint on the 'Return' lines and see what's in the Latitude.Value property.


I suspect what's happening is that these functions are never being run. This is probably because you have some other logic in the program which is not working because of the Q400. If it's a complex payware plane then they often model some things outside of FSX/P3D. This means you cannot get those value via FSUIPC. So maybe some other logic is not working and your program is never checking the Lon/Lat.



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Thanks to all.


@Paul: you're always right  :razz:


The problem is that the Majestic does not recognize the engine offset and my tracker performs a check on the state of the engines.

Offsets that are used is: 0894 and 092C; I have to look for other offsets to recognize the state of the engines of the Majestic.





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