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MCP 737 Blinking 8 & A

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Blinking "8" and "A"? Where do you see such things? Overspeed gives one clacker sound, underspeed gives the stick shaker. Don't know what you mean by 8 and A?


Did you search the Offsets list? I searched for "overspeed" and found it immediately. "Underspeed" would be "stall", 


Please do use the documentation provided.



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 I can't find a solution for the blinking "8" (overspeed signal) and "A" (underspeed). Is there an offset for these things ? I use default and Ifly 737.


I've been advised that these indications are not related to actually being overspeed or in a stall, but simply the pilot setting values above or below the current max and min safe speeds.


My MCP can't show more than 4 digits, it can't show "A"s and can't flash single digits, so I've never seen this.


The max airspeed would be the "barber pole airspeed", and there is an offset for that. You'd need to read the MCP setting and compare.


Stall speeds VS0 and VS1 (clean and full flaps) are available in offsets, but not one for intermediate settings so I'd assume you'd need to calculate those yourself.



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