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Second Saitek throttle quadrant

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I have both the basic quadrant and the addon that plugs into the basic one.  Actually the bracket on the basic quadrant broke and I bought the addon unit.  I have been using the addon unit ALONE for several months and it worked fine.  Just repaired the basic one and am trying to use them both..  

All are apparently plugged in correctly as the green light is on on both units.  The second unit (the original basic unit) does not show up at all in FSUIPC (paid version) and nothing registers when I move the axis levers.


Confusing, I know.


Puzzled... Would appreciate any help you can give.


Jeff Even 

Rocklin, CA, USA

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First see the FAQ subforum thread entitled "Fixing joystick connections not seen by FSUIPC".




If that doesn't help, perhaps more information would (as you don't really supply any). -- for example

* Which flight simulator program? Maybe FS2004, FSX or P3D? P3D1,2 or 3?

* Which version of FSUIPC? If not a currently supported version, please update first. Current is 3.999z9 or 4.949

* LOG and INI files from the FS Modules folder are relevant. You can paste their contents into a message here.



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The "basic quadrant" that is connected to the Saitek yoke with a PS/2-like cable is seen by FSX/FSUIPC as additional three axes (U/V/P) and additional 9 buttons of the yoke, not as a separate "joystick" like the USB-connected quadrant (with axes X/Y/Z).

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