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Tracon 2012 Aircraft refusing ILS Approach


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I am having a problem getting aircraft to accept an ILS approach and I do not know what I am doing wrong. the aircraft are typically about 15-20 miles out (I have tried closer as well) and heading towards the approach path, and within 20 degrees of the approach heading, and at altitudes of around 3000.  Any idea what I could be doing wrong?  It is completely frustrating when they just say negative and I am not given any clue as to why!

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mistakes i have made, maybe worth checking,


- a/c withing 30 degrees (i aim for 25 degrees) of final approach path when cleared to ILS (wont work if still turning onto heading)

- Altitude, 3-4,000 at around 20 mile will accept

- wind direction, you'll see the extended centre line on the active into wind runway, sounds obvious but its a mistake i make when the wind swithes direction on me and the runways change

- make sure your using correct clearence "XYZ123 cleared ILS runway 25L approach" sometimes my machine missis the word approach or i release the ppt button before the speach recognition incerts the final word into the comand line



Does visual approach comand work?



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