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Sound Playing Problem (C#)

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Hi there,

i use C# to develope a simple Software for my FS2004.

I works very well, i can read and write anything i want, but i have a Problem with playing Sounds.


This is what i do:


I read one Byte (FSUIPC_Read, then FSUIPC_Get)  at 0x4200 and get the Information: "FREE".

Second i set (FSUIPC_Write) the filename 737LP at 0x4208 (through an Array of 248 Bytes).

The file 737LP exists in the Sound Directory of my FS2004 Installation.

The Array contains the following values: 55, 51, 55, 76, 80, 46, 87, 65, 86, and the rest of the Array contains only 0 values.

Third i set (FSUIPC_Write) the command PLAY_LOOP as a Byte with value 2 at 0x4200.

Fourth i use the command FSUIPC_Process (it returns 0 as result, so all should be ok)


But the sound does not play. After reading 0x4200 i get "PLAY_LOOP" ever and ever again.

I think i miss something, but i don't know what. Perhaps someone can help me, perhaps has a simple example for me that i can use to check if it works.


Thanks in advance,


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Hi Bodo,


Reading the protocol it seems that the reference number at 4204 is also required:


4204 DWORD:  REFERENCE as 32-bit non-zero integer.
The application can use this how it likes, but it should be unique,
otherwise the same sound is referenced.


Try writing a number there as well (before 0x4200 of course).



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Hi Paul, hi Forum members.


Pauls answer is the the solution. I wrote a value to 0x4204 and the Sound Plays. I can now play it once as well as in a loop. I can also stop the sound by myself.

Indeed, as Paul already said, it's also written in the Manual and i found it today, too, on page 17 of the FSUIPC Programmers Manual:

"Then write data to 4204 (DWORD) and, for a new sound to Play,".


Thanks for the hint!



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