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Flight Plan Format problems?

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Previously, I have used dual video cards on my primary computer implementing three monitors, one which was dedicated to FlightSim Commander. Recently due to a video card failure, I lost the use of one monitor. I have also used a secondary computer with another dedicated monitor for other applications for years which gave me four monitors until the card failure.


As a solution, I chose to install FlightSim Commander on the secondary computer implementing FSUIPC and WideFS/WideClient and have the third and fourth monitors on that computer. Obviously I had to jump through a few hoops in setup to get everything working, particularly mapping my drives. Everything went find for months until recently and I now have the following problem.


I save my flight plans originated in FSC on the secondary computer to my "Flight Simulator Files" or "Flight Simulator X Files in My Documents on the primary computer with no problem. However, when I try to convert them with PFE/FS2000 I am getting a Proflight Emulator error window that tells me, "No change necessary for this Flight Plan or Format Unknown!"


I am puzzled as this was working fine until recently.


I saw that there is an upgrade, so upgraded to version 9.6 Rev.5


For good measure, I installed FSC back on my primary computer, There is no problem at all. The Flight Plans are originated exactly the same on either computer, and are saved in the Flight Simulator Files or Flight Simulator X Files and appear to be exactly the same, but apparently something is being changed in their format.


Any Ideas?




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I received a kind suggestion on another forum  that the problem might be permissions. The following is a copy of my reply:


I have gone into advanced and edited each relative folder granting permission to "everyone" and still cannot compile the flight plans originated on my secondary computer in PFE. What additionally confuses me is that previously it worked and I have not knowingly changed anything. All are shared.


Again, I can access all files and folders from either computer, and when saved from the secondary to the primary the flight plan is transferred where it should be. There is just something in the format PFE doesn't like.


That being said the following is a work around with FSC installed on both computers:


1. Originate the flight plan in FSC on the secondary computer and save it.

2. Originate exactly the same flight plan in FSC on the primary computer and save it. (If the plan from the secondary computer was saved to Flight Simulator Files or Flight Simulator X files in My Documents, this save from FSC on the primary computer will overwrite it with a good working file with no format problems.)

3. Compile the flight plan in PFE..

4. Have a good flight with everything working, including PFE communication.


"GPS" can then be activated on the FSC in the secondary computer and the flight can be tracked normally. The only reason for implementation of FSC on the primary computer is to be able to get PFE to compile the flight plan. FSC on the primary can then be shut down if so desired. In any cane this frees up my fourth monitor for unique FSC use.


This is a bit of a nuisance, but it really only takes about a min. to originate a flight plan in FSC unless it is a complex one. Duplicating the plan on a second computer adds a min.




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