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What is STB Data Server (STB-DS) and where to find it.


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SuperTrafficBoard Client (STB) can be run on the same computer as your simulator, or on a different computer.  The reason you may want to run it on a separate computer is related to simulator full screen mode.  If simulator full screen is required (for Prepar3D this means "blackout desktop"), you must run STB on a separate computer.  Otheriwse you might want to run STB on a separate computer if you are short of screen space on your simulator computer.

In order to operate on a separate computer STB  needs a supply of additional information beyond that obtained by normal means (i.e. from the simulator using SimConnect).  This is where SuperTrafficBoard Data Server (STB-DS) comes into play: a free of charge utility for STB customers running on your simulator computer and providing the additional information required by the STB Client.

Several versions of STB-DS are available, corresponding to the major versions of STB and simulators.  The installer for STB-DS can be downloaded from the following links, please choose those appropriate to your environment.  For STB Client updates, please see



STB Data Server V5 for Prepare3D V5:



STB Data Server V4 for Prepare3D V4.2, V4.3:



STB Data Server V3.4 for Prepar3D-V3:



STB Data Server V3.3 for Prepar3D-V2:



STB Data Server V3 for Microsoft FSX and FSX Steam Edition:


  • STB-DS V3.6 for FSX and FSX Steam Edition Standalone:
  • STB-DS V3.2 for FSX and FSX Steam Edition Standalone:
    • http://bit.ly/2MFOHuc
    • STB V3.2 is discontinued, please upgrade to STB for FSX V3.6 at your earliest opportunity.  There is no charge for V3.6 if you already own STB for FSX V3.2.  To obtain V3.6, please visit the shop from which you originally purchased STB, or contact us for assistance.
  • Standalone refers to FSX Steam Edition being installed on a computer that does not already contain Microsoft Flight Simulator X. 
  • We no longer support configurations where FSX Steam Edition is installed on the same computer as Microsoft FSX.

Full details of how to set up both STB and STB-DS can be found in the STB User Guide.


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