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axis calibration

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I just want to know the difference between checking send directly to fsuipc andthe other one that says send to fs as normal axis in the type of action required box


The "direct" method does exactly what it says. The axis value doesn't get to FS at all until after calibration, when it is effectively injected directly to control that aspect of FS.


The FS control method is exactly the same as assigning to the same axis control in FS itself. The control is sent directly to FS for processing. If, and only if, you also calibrate that axis, then FSUIPC intercepts it afterwards and then calibrates as before. 


So, assignment to FS control and calibration are two independent actions. Calibration can be used no matter where you do the assignment.


The direct method is more efficient and is generally the best way, being simpler and more directly effective.  However, some add-on aircraft don't like this. The PMDG NGX and 777X, to take prime examples, also intercept the FS axis for some things, like throttles, and assigning direct in FSUIPC bypasses this.  I think the more sophisticated Airbus models from Aerosoft are similarly adversely affected.


So, you use direct where it works, and FS control otherwise. In fact the PMDG examples probably don't take kindly to FSUIPC calibration either, because they would then be trying to use two throttle values -- the original the model intercepts and the post calibration value from FSUIPC. This might not notice too much if the calibration is basically linear and the input values from the joystick already cover the entire range.


Using different profiles for different aircraft allows you to choose whatever works best for each, without having to constantly change assignments etc.



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