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Dear members

It seems I got a little frustrated and said a few things that the MODS have edited out.

In my defence I had spent a lot of money on a program that said use DirectX9 or higher.

With not support to resolve the issue from the developers or re-vender I was left with a program that could not be used.

Discussions amongst certain members not associated with the development or support of the product officially led to more research and finding a work around.


It states that it will run on Direcx 9 or higher.


This is a misleading statement as for different versions of DirectX contain slightly different arguments to make software look for following code, if this is changed in DirecX then the software starts to fail.  In my case DirectX12 does not allow it to run on my machine, while installing DirectX9 solved the problem under windows10.


To the MOD of FeelThere, Yes I am sorry I made some very harsh statements and you edited them out, no problem, but please put more effort into looking at what problems are out there.  FeelTheres website states not supported after windows 7 yet all over the net people are using it to some degree with success.





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This is the exact reason we don't support it beyond Windows 7. On some computers it runs perfectly (in fact it will run on most of the Windows 8 and 10 system with some minimal workaround) we just cannot guarantee it. By the time of the Windows 8 release we worked on the multiplayer version and we included code pieces that allowed us to state this is a Windows 8 compatible product. The single player version was released more than 5 years ago. It's rare that any software developer would provide support for a 5 years old product running on the 2rd OS since it's release. Therefore we state it's Windows 7 compatible and if you a) have a Windows 7 b ) you are willing to risk to purchase it at a lower price but you accept that it will not be supported beyond Windows 7 then it's yours. Otherwise you need the multiplayer version. 


I'm kindly asking you to please continue this discussion about STRICTLY technical issues. I don't wish to keep editing, locking and deleting your personal comments.


You ask Feelthere to put more effort into this problem. The problem is that you purchased a wrong version and now you are mad at us when it's not working. Simply ask Wilco if you can upgrade your product for a fee. Since it's purchase that wasn't made in our system we can't do this for you.


EDIT: I went to Wilco's website to make sure you possibly wasn't misinformed about compatibility. This is what I found:

bottom of the technical information:  How compatible is this add-on with FSX, P3D, FSX:Steam Ed., Windows 8.1,... ?  
Read our complete table

quote from the table "Tower 2011 Single player Windows 7 compatible but NOT Windows 8 compatible"


I think it could not be any clearer. 

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