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Airports not shown in Board

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since i have installed

LOWL from Justsim,

LOWG from FSDG, and also 

LOWS from Digital Design.

When i tick "Auto-Airport" then these Airports not shown.

so when i stand in LOWS, the Board shows me Munich as the nearst Airport,

when my plane is in LOWL, then no near Airport is shown,

and when i are in LOWG, the Auto Airport show Ljubljana or Zagreb as nearest Airport,

but never Graz.

AI-Traffic is working fine on these Airports, The AI-Traffic from and to these Airports is shown

in the Board when i switch off the "Auto-Airport", and go to "_All Airports"


I have done 2 times "Make Runways" and also "Compile Airports" after install,

but these Airports missing in Shedule-Listing.


Im using P3DV3.1 and the Board


Whats Wrong here?

thanks for help.



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The most likely cause is there aren't enough AI aircraft at the airports concerned for the airports to be listed as "selectable" on STB, and hence available to "Auto Airport".  This is to avoid the list becoming overwhelmed with airports with just one or two flights.  However you can control the threshold at which airports are listed, and you can make it as low as 1 if you wish which means any airport with at least one aircraft is shown.  Try this first:


Configuration -> Settings -> "Board Control" tab -> Change value in "Airport Movements Display Threshold to 1".

Disconnect and reconnect to the simulator, wait a while for the airports list to build up.

Then check in your "Select Airports" on the main screen for your airports of interest.





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thank you Simon!


set it to 3 or below  helps. 

also maybe an "MytrafficX" problem:

IFR to 95% and VFR 10% shows many traffic, the most IFR Passenger planes.

IFR to 95% and VFR 0%   shows only 5 military traffic.

it seems that VFR 0% kills also many IFR traffic?

in LOWS IFR below 90% i get no civil IFR Traffic, only military...

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I took a look at the My T 6.0a commercial schedule with AI Flight Planner and there are 40 flight plans with LOWS as a destination. A good number of these flight plans do not become active unless one has the activity setting in P3d above 50%, but you should be seeing traffic at LOWS at some point during the day. And this does not include any FPs that are contained in the military BGL.


One possibility is that you have at least one FS9 AI traffic file that P3d is finding in its scenery library. When FS9-formatted traffic files coexist with FSX/P3d-formatted traffic files, the results are unpredictable. FS9 traffic files can be installed by either World of AI (WOAI) or a 3rd party airport.



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Thank you jay,


i did not have any FS9 AI in P3D, the problem with these old format is known to me.

i have set in the board Level of Detail to "Predictrions" and the "future Period" to 4 Hours.

now i have more civil IFR in the board. it looks better so.

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