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Ty Jackson

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Due to a few of the recent mergers (US/AA and WN/FL) I've adjusted the schedules and callsigns accordingly, but I wanted to know if you could adjust the terminal assignments of those aircraft? I tried the airfield editor, but got kind of confused. Also, at PHL I've noticed that even with my custom schedule which contains 200 dash 8 PDT express flights, I never get any dash 8's. Has anyone else noticed the very limited amount of Dash 8's at PHL? (without DH8's that makes runway 8/26 very useless)



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The terminal assignments are in the Tower 2011 "Airfields" folder under the name of each airport, such as Los_Angeles_Airport_Terminal.txt.  The assignments use the 3-letter airline id.  The file is easy to edit using "Notepad" or another text editor.  You can change the assignments to match your preferences, reality, etc.  An airline can appear at more than one terminal.  Do not change the name of the terminal, all the text that appears before the colon on each line.

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With regards to the DH8's not showing up .. go into your main Tower! 2011 folder and delete the tower.txt file, then start a new game.  That file is basically a record of all actions in the game.  When you delete it, it will just make a new one when you start a session.  I'd have my schedule printed and check the arrivals .. when you notice time as passed and flights scheduled are not arriving, open the tower.txt file.  You may see errors like ***** close cross incoming range or ***** no free terminal.  No free terminal is self-explanatory .. all their gates are full or none are assigned.  The other error I actually posted about .. think it has to do with how approach hands off aircraft to the tower.  It seems that if too many arrivals are due at the same time or very close together, they conflict and the sim puts them in holding patterns.  Eventually they may get through but often, they just get dropped.  I've been testing a real world schedule I made for KBOS that has 1,080 flights and sit with my arrivals and departures lists and note their times.



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