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My own confusion with updated AIRAC information in FSCommander 9.6 (solved by user)


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It is obviously my own mistake but here is what is happening with updating AIRAC cycle for FSC version 9.6 Build 16-February-2015 in Windows 10 operating with FSX steam:


After updating AIRAC 1601 the FSC opening screen still shows an old AIRAC 1512 as the last cycle.


Following dozens of attempts I now find that the Database/NavData-Backup/AIRAC.ini files within FSC shows the new cycle 1601 as installed - but it just will not show as such in the opening screen.


Because I have many FSC flight plans have not attempted to repair or reinstall it afraid of losing such plans.


At the moment and limited to my lack of knowledge I am assuming:


a - FSC will not properly function with Windows 10 or Steam FSC;

b - Although the opening screen shows the old AIRAC nomenclature, actually the updated data is in place.

c - I am not savvy enough to face up to this and should just keep it as is - except for this minute detail everything is working properly.

d - I should learn how to repair/reinstall FSC without losing current essential working data.


Sorry if the attempted explanation is confusing - it just reveals where I stand as far as computer knowledge is concerned.


Thaks for any assistance or information.

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Thanks a lot, Volker.


After a few days without internet (heavy flooding in Rio de Janeiro) I need to inform that "my problem" is solved.


A technician was here and found out that I have duplicate installations, one in the root of a disk and another in a sub-directory.


Airac update was being done in the root and here I was trying to find another application in another location with this update!


I have so many HD and SDD addon disks that it became very confusing at this end.  Have started a simplification project.


Guess you've never had such a type of report regarding the fabulout FSC program in your record.  Maybe it will make the Guiness Book World of Records....


Thanks again.

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