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Tower 2011: EDDF questions


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Before I start buying EDDF I need some questions answered if anybody is able to answer them. Going from St.Thomas to MIA or LAX is a big step and I've been looking into EDDF for the next step instead. This is also a big jump from St.Thomas but looking at the airport map it seems doable if the game supports the following on EDDF:


I was thinking on having 07C open for departures and 07R for arrivals. As there seems to be a nice taxiway east of 07C that doesn't cross it, can I give arriving planes the order "Taxi to terminal via M R L"? Does the game support the East Romeo taxiway? It'll be awesome to have arriving planes going east on Mike, north via Romeo so they don't have to cross 07C and then west on Lima to get to their terminal.


Would also be great if someone could make a EDDF Tower2011 tutorial video on youtube. That will help me out greatly as well,




EDITED 03-15-2016: Just bought EDDF and it was the first thing I wanted to check out.

For anyone interested, the answer is YES (thank goodness). It's possible to tell the plane to use Mike and Romeo to avoid runway 07C. "Taxi to terminal via M RE". (in voice: taxi to terminal via Mike Romeo Echo). You can add the Lima and or November route to take after RE in the same command line ofcourse if you like. Maybe for the pilot not the shortest route but for me the most convenient for sure.

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