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Airbus Extended against STB (P3d v32, FSXSE)

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the Aerosoft product is the only aircraft so far showing this behaviour:


on the STB interface (either the FSXSE or the p3dv3 one), the doubleclick on a flight or the rightclick-ViewAI do not switch to that flight, but to a view in the cockpit


I'm also using Ezdok, yet it does not happen with any other airliner (PMDG 737, 777) or GA aricraft I own, so far ... maybe a Ezdok issue?


thanks for any assistance



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btw, is there another way to swith view to the desired flight?


the default rightclick-airtraffic way, in big airports, is unusable

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So, Simon, just to be sure, because I'm not an expert:


should I copy the camera 010 config from cameras.cfg (Appdata/Roaming....) and overwrite the camera 010 config into any aircraft.cfg (the Airbuses, in my case) presenting this issue?


or is there else?

in my case, if I use Airbus, then every other plane loaded after it suffers the same STB issue, unless I exit P3d/FSXSE; only then STB works again, out of any Airbus so far tried ... might this suggest anything else?

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Taking Prepar3D as the example, in the P3D application data folder you have the following camera definition activated by "Hot Key 6"

Title = AI Planes
Guid = {75A8357E-AB58-4294-9416-90C73FAFDD90}
Description = This is the description of the AI aircraft view.



However in your A320 Neo you have the following also on "Hot Key 6".  When STB wants to show AI, it sends "Hot Key 6" to the simulator.  As you have two entries, the user aircraft definition takes precedence over the application data folder and the camera below is activated rather than the camera above.

Title                    = "CP MAIN PANEL"
Guid                    = {217c7910-50cf-4c98-976a-de763b6a760b}
Description                = This is the description of the virtual cockpit view.
Origin                    = Virtual Cockpit
HotKeySelect                = 6


I would consider removing or changing the HotKeySelect=6 in your A320 aircraft.cfg to something else and see if that helps.



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