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EHAM sector Tracon 2012 all planes sent to same center freq?


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Hell again,


here is an other question.


when a plane that is travelling to for example Gorlo or Andik and needs to be sent over to the center frequentie, the center freq that is shown in the manual is not corresponding. For example the plane that travels to Gorlo plane needs the be sent to the freq 135.75 but it refuses. Only the freq 135.45 is working.  its the same for Andik


maybe someone has the answer to this

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Eham uses a lot of frequencies of course so dennis is right to assume that east and west bound don't speak to the same guy/gall on the same frequency..

It is one fir but a hell of a lot of controllers....

The list beneath was updated last this january..


118,0750   Approach/departure (back-up)                     
118,1000   Tower (rwy 18C-36C)                     
118,2800   Tower (rwy 18R-36L)                     
118,4000   Arrival (primary)                     
118,8050   Radar Sugol                     
118,9550   Tower (rwy 06-24)                     
119,0500   Approach/departure TMA east                     
119,1750   Flight Information service (northsea north)                     
119,2250   Tower (rwy 04-22/18L-36R)                     
119,9000   Tower (back-up)                     
120,5550   Radar Artip                     
120,8800   Discrete emergency frequency                     
121,2000   Approach/departure TMA west                     
121,3000   KLM Snowdesk (remote de-icing)                     
121,5000   International emergency frequency                     
121,6000   KLM PAD-control deicing                     
121,6550   Planner                     
121,7000   Groundcontrol south                     
121,7150   KLM de-icing P10                     
121,7400   KLM de-icing P16                     
121,7800   Aproncontrol south                     
121,8000   Groundcontrol north                     
121,8800   Aproncontrol north                  
121,9050   Groundconrol west                     
121,9250   K-apron Schiphol-east (general aviation)
121,9800   Clearance delivery                     
122,2050   ATIS departure information
122.4250 Groundcontrol (back-up)                     
123,7000   Radar-5 north-west
123,8550   Radar-3 south
124,3000   Flight information service (over land)                     
124,8800   Radar-2 east outbound
125,7500   Radar-4 south-west
126,2000   VOLMET                     
126,6750   Arrival (back-up)                     
127,7800   Radar-3 south (back-up)  
128.0000 Politie Landelijke Eenheid Schiphol-oost
128,5800   Radar-2 east inbound
130,0250   KLM de-icing P12                     
130,4800   Airside operations manager (AOM)                  
130,6500   KLM de-icing P14
130,8550 Aviapartner de-icing                     
130,9550   Radar-3 south inbound
131,1500   Arrival secondary
131,2800 Approach/departure (back-up)                     
131,3500   ATC operational information                                          
131,4150 KLM TLO B/C/D (lange tijd niet gehoord)                     
131,4250  KLC operations                  
131,4350   KLM dispatch                                       
131,5000   EL-AL                     
131,5500   BA engineering                     
131,5600   Swissport    operations
131,5750   Aviapartner operations                                       
131,6050   Aviapartner executive operations                     
131,6250   KLM Jetcenter                     
131,6500   KLM operations                     
131,6650   Swissport   cargo                  
131,6850   TUI                                       
131,7500   Nayak                     
131,7750   KLM snowdesk (gate de-icing)                     
131,8000   Menzies operations                     
131,8500   Dnata cargo operations
131,8800 Jetsupport operations                  
131,9000   Transavia                     
131,9150   World freight services                  
131,9250   Martinair operations                     
131,9400   KLM maintenance                     
131,9600   KLM TLO E/F/G                     
131,9800   KLC maintenance
132,5800 Radar-2 east (inbound)                     
132,9800   ATIS arrival information                     
134,3750   Radar-1 north
134,8750   Tower (towtraffic)                     
136,6500   Flight information service (northsea south)      

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