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Some Airport Issues


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I purchased MT6 a little while ago and overall I have to say I'm quite impressed.  I have run into a few admittedly petty issues with the included airports, however:




KATL Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Int'l


I first discovered this one when ATC instructed me to taxi to and use runway 10.  It was nighttime, so I wasn't able to tell anything was amiss until I (tried to) lined up with the runway.  What I found was this:




Basically just a blank runway and taxiways - no markings, lighting, etc.  Just wondering if this was accidentally included unfinished?


FYI, I did take it upon myself to fix it up:



Moved some things around as well, for instance the long taxiways SC and SJ weren't quite in the correct place (compare to the location of the VOR) and there had been some slight real-life reconfiguration of taxiways by the main apron, fixed the road exclusions, added taxiway signs, etc.  I would be willing to upload this if anybody is interested.  (Granted it's my first foray into FS scenery design in probably 15 years.)



UK Airports


I've noticed that several of the replacement UK airports (EGxx) have lost their "alternative" fixed distance markings.  I was able to fix these using Hervé Sors' "ILS/Runway Inspector and Editor" available at http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids.html


To compare:


FS X default and "fixed" EGKK London-Gatwick Int'l:










I've been using Hervé Sors' updates available at http://www.aero.sors.fr/navint.html along with updated AIRAC data, etc. with this and other addons to no ill effect.  One issue I have found, however, is that the updated airports included with MT6 override those updates (which are placed in the stock scenery folders) as they appear to have been built with the stock FS X bgls.  In most cases this is probably OK, but there are some exceptions when the stock ILS is wrong.  On one flight I was vectored by ATC to the ILS runway 13 approach at KLGA New York-La Guardia, which I quickly found was 2 degrees off.  I fixed it, as well as a few others I know are off (a few at KPHL as well) but beyond that I'm just going to have to resort to a continuous process of discovering the discrepancies with the charts as I go along.


Is there any way that the stock-copied ILS can be removed from future updates, allowing users' original files and/or overrides to "show through" instead?




Again, I'm not being critical; rather consider it a compliment that I was willing to undertake these efforts to be able to continue using what you've created.  It would have been easier to just turn off the BGLs and deal with Fedex 727s sitting at terminal gates instead of cargo aprons, but I found that to be even less acceptable!

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