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E-JETS V2 How to Edit/Modify Waypoint with coordinates


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Hi Guys, I'm a E-jets V2 user and I've a question for you. I've have to change or create a brand new one waypoint in my FMC. How to do that ? 

Manual explains in "Entry FMS Formats" pag 120 how to type but don't where to type....Can anybody help me please ? I need to change the fix RONDI that is placed in the sea a little bit south of fix GIANO in Sicily area but for some strange reasons RONDI appears me over terrain so my star procedure to LICJ rwy 25 goes wrong all times.


I ensure you that's easier grow up 3 children instead of flying with an Embraer !! :) :)


Best regards


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I know this answer is very late and may not help you, but I still want there to be answer because others might need it.


There are three ways to enter a new point in to your flight plan, if the AIRAC database does not have it.


1. L/L, Latitude and Longitude: The hardest method, despite reading the manual I've not yet figured out how to do this.

2. P/B/D: Place, Bearing, and Distance: One of the two very easy ways of entering a new point, that works in just about every scenario.

3. P/B/P/B: A similar method that's also quite easy.


I'll give an example of using method 2 on your waypoint GIANO. The first thing to do is to go to SkyVector.com and find the waypoint GIANO by entering it into the box. Next, find a nearby point that does exist in your database, most VORs should exist in your database as few new ones have been built since 2011 (Which is when the default AIRAC is dated.) The VOR TRAPANI (TRP) is nearby, so put that VOR before GIANO in the route box, the route box should show "TRP -> GIANO".


Now if you look at the map, you'll see that GIANO is 58nm from TRP on its 355 radial. Attempt to add GIANO to the active flight plan, and you'll get a screen asking for GPS coordinates, or P/B/D or P/B/P/B. Enter "TRP/355/58", and your new waypoint should be there. I do not believe it will keep between sessions.


Do remember, that it costs under $7 to update your AIRAC database, and that charge allows you to update all your mod's databases for one month! But if you don't want to spend that, PBD and PBPB are the easy and cheap ways to do it.

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