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STB for Prepar3D V3.4 Update #12 BETA

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Hi Everyone

Update is now available as beta if you wish to try it out.  I'm considering it a beta as it introduces the Prepar3D Camera System into STB, offering you a variety of new views of your favourite AI aircraft.  With such a new facility, I need to understand if there are any problems exposing it to a wider variety of PCs and to learn more about how people use it.  Please feel free to make comments and suggestions.


Please take time to read the enclosed document containing important information about the camera system, and actions you need to take in this beta to use it successfully.

STB for Prepar3D V3.4.0.12.pdf


Also in this update is a new column, reporting the distance between the user aircraft and each AI that is airbourne (at least 100ft above the ground).  This column shows up automatically, and if you don't like it you can disable it in the usual way.


Many thanks for your participation and for helping to make STB better!


The download can be found at:



Note there are no changes to STB-DS at this time.


Many thanks


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have installed the "STB_3.4.0.12_Prepar3D_V3.update.exe" and get now this Problem when i Start my P3DV3:

 "Unablle to create AI Virtual Cockpit. No virtual cockpit will load because the LoadAIVirtualcockpit flag wasnt´ set to 1."


What does this mean?


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Please read the PDF in the previous append - it will tell you want to do.  You need to changed your Prepar3d.cfg, in the final version of this beta that will be automatic but for now you need to take care of it.



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Glad the update is well received.  I hope to have another in a while, introducing the Prepar3D concept of observers.  This allows us to fix the camera at a world position (e.g. current airport, current runway etc.) and have it track the AI.


In the mean time column width is already adjustable.  Just move your mouse to the right hand edge of a column heading, and the mouse shape changes to a double arrow.  You can then drag and drop the size. Remember to have your main window big enough to accommodate changes.



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For some reason the beta doesn't work properly for me with the RealAir Turbine Duke. I'm taking a wild guess that it has to do with the previously discussed view problem and the Duke, e.g. the lines in its aircraft.cfg like:


When I click on an AI aircraft in STB, sometimes I see the AI aircraft correctly and sometimes I just get a different camera view of the TD interior. I have followed the instructions in the PDF file for the beta. I'm going to just edit out all those lines in aircraft.cfg and see if that fixes the problem.



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When you double click the AI, that uses the "View AI" command that's always been there.  As good as the Prepar3D Camera and Observer implementations are, I've not found a way to use that to implement the traditional View AI command so that stands as is.  Therefore it's quite likely, even with the beta, that you can run into conflicts with aircraft that have their own camera.cfg files.

What you should experience though, with the beta, is the new camera views should be unaffected by your choice of user aircraft.  So if you can do "Left body", "Left PAX Window", etc., then we have succeeded in what we set out to do.




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