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Throttle - TQ6

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I have a Goflight GF-TQ6.


This unit has been calibrated and all the levers assigned as Axes in FSUIPC to functions.


The issue I have is that after assigning the levers the settings for the throttle levers to Throttle 1 and Throttle 2, using the 'direct' option, no reverse zone and having the filter box checked.


When I advance the levers together (aligned) the following results are shown in the PMDG gauge:


Setting         Left          Right
Full               98.0         98.0

80%              80.0         82.2
70%              70.7         73.2
60%              60.7         63.1
50%              50.3         50.5
40%              39.8         41.6
30%              29.4         32.1
Idle               20.5         20.6

To get near identical thrust on each engine the levers are not aligned.

Is this a situation where I should use the Syn Pos option or is there an alternative way.

Makes taxiing a little problematic.


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Makes taxiing a little problematic.


It really shouldn't upset your taxiing. Those figures are pretty good. I don't know if you've ever watched a cockpit video showing real aircraft being taxied or flown, but the throttle levers are very often not perfectly aligned. Slight differences are bound to occur, especially with the more common mechanical linkages being used. Elecronic control like in the later Airbuses and probably the 787's might well be perfect.


And most airliners will achieve taxi speed with only a nudge to start with and then maintaining only a little more than idle throttle, at which point your inputs to FS should be IDENTICAL if you've calibrated properly.


On top of that you have toe brakes and steering tiller to control taxiing with, and at 10-20 knots normal taxiing speeds it should be a doddle.


However, as aua668 says, you can synchronise them further, by making the calibration work in smaller chunks between fixed positions which are always kept identical (as your idle should be).


One thing puzzles me. I thought PMDG aircraft (or at least the NGX)didn't like you using FSUIPC's calibration on throttles, because they read the throttle values directly, at the same SimConnect priority as FSUIPC's calibration intercept? I don't know which model you are flying, but isn't that true for it?


Also, you say "the filter box checked". Why? Are the axes jittering really badly? The filter is rather a drastic measure to take, and may be partially responsible for any discrepancies you see as in order for the filter to work it has to receive several values before sending one average value back. This makes a very small delay. Filtering was introduced to help some users in somewhere like Thailand or Cambodia where there power supply was very variable, causing fluctuations in potentiometer read-outs. If your TQ6 is that bad I'd get it repaired or replaced.



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