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Engine sounds ERJ


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I don't know if this is the right place to post this because I just purchased the steam version of the ERJ 145 XR, but there seems to be no help from Steam support.

First of all, I love the plane, it is a beautiful plane, love the model, love the checklist (this has helped me learn how to start up from cold and dark).

The only thing I find strange is that it seems that the engine sounds are very quiet and don't change, regardless of throttle position, or whatever I'm doing. The ambient sounds in the cockpit are fine, I can hear the APU when it runs, checklist, button clicks, etc.. just fine.. but when I start the engines.. I can't really hear anything above the ambient.. when I push the throttles to take off,, even outside of the airplane.. I just hear the soft sounds of.. whatever is there..

Since this is a Steam DL, they store it in a different location, under a DLC folder.. etc.. I found the sound folder and it is mapped to an ERJ..?? .. something that I don't have.. so I tried mapping it to the default Lear.. same.. I even copied the entire Lear sound folder into the ERJ sound folder.. same..

I googled it and found several people replacing the fuel pump wav file.. this is not my problem.


Again, I really love this plane, so this one issue will not make me stop using it, but I'm just wondering if there is anything I can do.. something I can set.. to give me just a slightly louder engine sound :)..



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This is the correct place to ask the question, as steam does not support products not created by Valve.


Unfortunately, I have no true answer for this, only workarounds.


Workaround 1: This is the free option, and it's a little odd. You can replace the "pack running" audio file with engine sounds, then only turn on the AC when your engines are running. As long as your cabin doesn't get hot, this doesn't really affect anything.


Workaround 2: You can actually buy sounds, it's $14 and called "TSS - ERJ-1XX HD Sound Pack FSX". Somehow they add engine sounds, I'm not quite sure how they add sounds that were not there previously, but they do it (I think, I don't own this and promise nothing).


I've done neither of these myself, as personally, I like being able to hear myself think while flying.

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