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KPHX Terminal 4 North & South


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I need some advice before I plough into a revamp of the terminals at KPHX

I want to split  terminal 4 into Nth & Sth terminals as per the real airport. Reading all the posts, there are warnings about not changing  terminal names. Why!

I propose to change terminal 4 to 4 Nth & create a new terminal 4 Sth in the.txt file.Then amend the .afx file to reflect the changes in terminal allocation for the taxiways, terminal taxiways etc.  amend the terminal.txt file to reflect the relevant aircraft for each terminal.

are there any other files that need changing?

will this work?

Kev M


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56 minutes ago, captgforce said:

I have revamped KPHX myself, designating terminals 4 North and South including the International gates. I have also added some extra gates that are missing. 

I have had no problems with changing Terminal names.



I've got all the airports and i've changed them all...and it works fine...

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Thanks guys for your replies.

I started looking at the taxiway allocations for the terminal arrivals and the gate taxiways. They all seem to be a mess. Nothing like the real ones.

Looks like some hours revamping the taxiway numbers to something that makes sense.

Its a shame that we have to 'fix' new airports so they work well. The map is way out of date, with additional taxiways G5 & H5 added around 2011 but not in the program.

Kev M

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