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Tower3D - Unable to start


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Good morning,

I was exited to see that Tower3D was already released this morning, since I have off today, so I grabbed it from bmtmicro instantly.

Installation went fine (except that choosing a directory from the file tree didn't work, had to overwrite it manually, since the default "\Program Files" does not exist on my system). But when I double clicked the Tower3D shortcut, a message comes up that that "this version of the file is not appropriate for your operating system" (freely translated, using the German version of Win7).

Trying to run the tower3d.bat opens the command window for a split second, but does not produce a log file (or I can't find it)

System: i5-2400 @ 3.1 GHz, 4GB Ram, GeForce GT-430 1GB, Win7 Professional 32 bit

I'm running the Installer and program as an administrator.

Looking forward to suggestions on how to solve my issue. Thanks!


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I have the same problem.  Trying to run the game from a 32-bit system.  I bought the game before it was updated on the site page that a 64-bit system is required.  Now what?  Is there a refund option or are you going to get it to word on my system?

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