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Tower3D only gets to 70%


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Made Narrator active upon login, but it didn't work. Took a while to load but still stopped at 70%. Having it active reads to me everything it's doing including just typing letters and mouse clicking so I assume that either it wasn't the right thing to turn or that's not the fix.


For the record, I installed it on a different computer using Win10 Home Version, 64-bit and it worked fine, but want it to work on my Win 7 computer.



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39 minutes ago, Granman said:

No luck but just saw your reply about a hotfix. I'll look forward to trying that next week.


One last thing you could try is going to the Tower3D folder, selecting all files/sub-folders, then right-click, select Properties and then de-select "read-only". Then apply. 

If that doesn't work, repeat the above, but instead of de-selecting "Read Only", select the "SECURITY" tab, then click "Edit...", select "Users" in the top list and then select "Full Control" -> Allow checkbox in the bottom list. Then Apply and try again. 


Not saying this is going to work, but it worked for me. 

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We sent the hotfix test our last night to customers who contacted us through email (and provided enough information so we were able to verify the problem). If you wish to receive the test before it's release (please note it will not a be a fully functional game just a test) please contact our support with your proof of purchase and your log file.

If anyone else experience this problem, please contact us with the information above. We don't guarantee we will give everyone a test, but we would like to see some result too. Unfortunately it happens only on a very specific system so we cannot test on any of our computers. Once we have a few positive feedback all we have to do is creating an installer and send it out.  

Thank you



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