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Tower!3D: KPHL Unable to make aircraft taxi to terminal


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I was playing Phili airport and I had MAX737 land on 9R. When I tried to make it taxi to terminal via P T J it did not move, and I were unable to get it to move at all. I tried to give it different commands like just "taxi to terminal", "continue Taxi" etc, but nothing would make it move. I checked the log file, and found quite a few stack traces in the file.

There seems to be a bug with the forum ... It says I'm allowed to upload 4.88MB, and when I tried to attach the game.log (6.654 KB) or the zipped game.zip (91KB), I was told it was to large ?

So I have put the game log on my web server, and it can download from here

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For the record, I just experienced a similar issue also at KPHL.  Over an 1.5 hour session, I had three arriving planes ignore my commands to taxi to terminal.  All three happened between 1800 and 1900.  I have not seen this yet at other airports.  Unfortunately, I cannot provide a log file, because the the .bat does not work on my machine.

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I am not going to start a new topic.  I am also having a problem with KPHL taxi to terminal, using runway 8 and landing rollout takes you to the A1 taxiway. Now you are stuck in the runup area of Rwy 26 on taxiway A1.

Anyone have a thought on how to get the a/c to back taxi from Rwy 26 run up area A1 to terminal?


I have Tower!3D pro V1.1.324.863 SP2 from Steam, purchased this month.  I have RT and RC for KPhl purchased and installed from FeelThere.

When I use RT, and a small jet lands at Rwy 8, it gets off the runway at the end of Rwy 8 on taxiway A1. At that point, there is no response to taxi to terminal and continue taxi. It won't get back onto Rwy 26 to back taxi to taxiway A2.  I also cannot choose to taxi on Rwy 26, so that seems like a bug for a Rwy that requires a back taxi.

The example is using Rwy 9R and 8 for landings.  The program default allowed the plane to line up with Rwy 8.   It is JBU159 arriving at 07:46 and it is an E90.

Sure, I can work around it by delete aircraft or I can work around it by directing it to 9R, but Rwy 8 has this unique condition that requires a taxi back if the plane cannot land in the short distance from Rwy 8 threshold to taxiway A2.

Anyone have a thought on how to get the a/c to back taxi from Rwy 26 run up area A1 to terminal?



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In real life, runway 8 is not used for arrivals - even though the sim allows you to select it. Runway 17 would be a more realistic arrival runway in combination with 9R.

And for what it is worth, the sim does not allow you to include a runway in taxi instructions (i.e., no back taxiing).



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