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Map issue Tower 3D and Free cam mode F1


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Using Tower 3D on win 7 home 64 and cannot run batch file. I know that has been mentioned in previous posts, so I will continue. There is an error where in the 3D map does not match the Adirs, the aircraft follows the Adirs map which is correct but the 3D map has the aircraft on the grass on certain parts of taxiway. Starting at 9.20 (KLAX), Aircraft 2N7544 to Runway 25R hit F1 this gives you free camera mode which you can zoom straight to the aircraft(Hitting F1 again takes you back to Tower view) follow the aircraft to Runway 25R and you can see the error.         Unfortunately I can't upload pics due to their size and as I said Batch file not working.

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32 minutes ago, FeelThere said:

It has a zoom function already.

I believe that the point is that many would appreciate the ability to zoom considerably further than what is currently available in the game.  For example, the views provided by the automatic camera mode zoom in very close to the aircraft during pushback, takeoff, and landing.  It would be desirable to have that in manual mode as well. 

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I recall seeing another thread on the forum where this was in the wish list too.

I'm also one of those who would like to be able to zoom more, especially when I'm checking a planes position on a taxiway, to see if it has crossed a taxiway where another plane is waiting for a "continue to taxi".

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10 hours ago, FeelThere said:



Please stop using F1. It was a development tool that we accidentally left in the build and will be removed by the SP. Tower meant to be played from the tower view. Everything is optimized around it.

This doesn't fix the fact that a/c still taxi across the grass at certain points (also happens at Philadelphia). You can see it even in Tower view.


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