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Tower3D - Landing plane gate incorrectly displayed


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When a plane comes into land, if you click on it, it shows the gate assignment on the terminal (the green T) for the last aircraft. Only when the plane comes to a stop after clearing the runway does it update. This seems to be on every aircraft, not just a one off.

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That explains it!  I have been caught by this several times at KLAX.  Was confused because I would look at the indicated gate, plane out my route via right clicks, and then discover the plane was destined for the other side of the airport from where I had planned.  This happened 4 or 5 times during an hour long session tonight.  I thought I was getting early dementia.  THank you  for convincing me I am not crazy.  LOL   No big deal.  I am sure Vic will get it straightened out.



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If you actually increased the upload size on the forum, it would make it significantly easier to provide the information you need. Anyway...

Screenshots of expected behavior:

1) TGB48 landing showing gate


2) After clearing, aircraft still shows same gateGate_2.jpg

3) After issuing taxi to terminal, gate is the same


Screenshots of wrong behavior:

1) VAL458 landing and showing gateGate_w1.jpg

2) VAL after clearing runway showing new gate from one on landing


3) Taxiing to gate which changed after landingGate_w3.jpg

Log file: http://tinyurl.com/z969u6l

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