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Dear Folks,


As I promised earlier here is a little information about how to do some editing within Tower!3D. Let me use KLAX for an example.

First of all you need to make a directory and subdirectory within Tower!3D
--->KLAX (for example)

Within the KLAX folder you can add any of these files:

klax_airplanes.txt [you can define airplane types for KLAX ie.: AJT0-JT0-Widebody Default Jet                     -WIDE BODY JET  ]
klax_schedule.txt [schedules for klax]
klax_terminal.txt [terminal.cfg]

By creating any folder under T!3D/Extensions/Airfields/XXXX you can add these files and they will overwrite the default files for those airports

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What about airlines?  can they be created/edited too?


Does this mean that once Real Traffic has been released, that the schedule.txt files that are created for KLAX (Tower2011) by Mr. Parker's Schedule Creator could potentially work with Tower 3D, or does it use a new format?

Once we have created such folders, if we decide we want to go back to the default setup, do we just delete or move the folders, or is there some other file that we must back up first?

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Please explain your question about airlines. Please tell me what exactly you wish to do (add liveries, add new airlines, etc)

We haven't tested it yet but theoretically Dick's schedule creator should work as we didn't change the format, but let's see :)

You are right; if you remove the directory then it goes back to the default setup.



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4 hours ago, FeelThere said:

Please explain your question about airlines. Please tell me what exactly you wish to do (add liveries, add new airlines, etc)


In your original message, you mentioned the three file types (airplanes.txt., schedule.txt., and terminal.txt)  However, you did not mention the airlines.txt file.  There is such a file in Tower2011, which can be modified by the user (for example, and old airline that no longer exists may be removed).

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4 hours ago, Henrik Norgaard said:

Here is a real schedule made with Schedule Creator 19 V1 for KLAX, just extract it into the main folder of Tower 3D, enjoy





I tired it briefly.  It does seem to work.  Did it recognize the real aircraft types automatically, or did you have to assign them manually to the fake aircraft types currently included in the game?

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Cool.  That should hold us over until Real Traffic comes out.  Thanks for your effort.  I did not envision it would be so simple, and was sure that it would not work until Real traffic brought us a proper library of plane models.  Some times it's nice to be proven wrong ;-)

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Okay, I am having a problem and looking for some ideas here. 

1.  After installing the files Henrik provided, it worked brilliantly. 

2. I then created my own schedule using SC with more traffic (1500 flights over 24 hours) and that worked too. 

3. Then I created one more schedule, with 2000 flights, and this time the sceneario would not load past 70 percent.  It just hung there as others have described happening before the hotfix (I never experienced this).

4. I then reverted back to the schedule with 1500 flights (which had worked before), and the sim still hangs at 70%

5. I then removed the extensions file entirely, and the sim ran fine with default traffic.

6. Next I redownloaded Henrik's original Extension file set, thinking maybe somehow I messed something up, reinstalled them but the sim still hangs at 70%.

I cannot for the life of me understand why the SC schedules would have worked perfectly before, and then suddenly start causing the game to hang at 70% every time.  Anyone have any thoughts?

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Thank you sir.  That explains it.  Somehow I missed that.  Yes, I had been tryign to run the game at sunrise, so naturally I hit that barrier.  Nice to know that I am not going crazy in my old age.  Ha ha.  Hopefully , they will get it sorted out.

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Yes the extensions file will revert to white paint unless you have liveries designed for the airlines you are using.  After all, would be pretty weird to have fake liveries showing up for real world airlines. Nyerges's Real Color will take care of this whenever it is released.  Of course, first we will need the Real Traffic so what more aircraft types will be visible.

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