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STB for Prepar3D V3.4 Update #18 BETA

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Hello Everyone

A brief overview of what's coming:

  • Introduce support for the Prepar3D Observer system;
  • Automatically update Prepar3D.cfg with the “LoadAIVirtualCockpit” statement, as required by STB V3.4.0.12 and onwards to support the Prepar3D Camera System;
  • Reintegrate the Shadow AI command to use one of the extended AI Views (Prepar3D AI Cameras and AI Observers), offering a more stable visual experience compared to the user aircraft cameras;
  • Reset the main view to the user aircraft cockpit when the AI aircraft subject to an extended AI view is deleted;
  • Remove workaround for Prepar3D v3.2 Zulu local day bug for Prepar3D V3.3 and later;
  • Require STB-DS V3.4.0.18 when running STB and the simulator on separate PCs;

The observer system offers three new AI related views, where the camera is at a fixed position and tracks the selected AI:

  • From the centre of the airport;
  • From the allocated arrival or departure runway;
  • From the allocated parking/gate/ramp;

None of these were possible in FSX as far as I know, so it's exciting that Prepar3D is able to offer them to us.

One drawback of Prepar3D Observers is it creates an extra view into your collections of views available when you "cycle" your user aircraft views.  That is, the views that take their turn when you press the "S" key to switch from cockpit to spot, overhead, etc.  I have no facility for deleting an observer, so it appears in the cycle even if you are not tracking any AI with it.  In that case it tracks the user aircraft from the best location possible in the circumstances.

There are some other interesting behaviours so I would encourage feedback, but overall I currently think observers are worth having.

Also making a come back is Shadow AI.  This is no longer an option that has to be switched on in settings, but something that works very well hand in hand with the new AI cameras and observers available. In Settings, you can select which of these to use initially for Shadow, they are for more stable and "stutter free" than using user aircraft cameras in this scenario.

The beta also addresses the changes in Prepar3D V3.3 that address a problem with zulu day introduced in V3.2.  Without this, points in time may be calculated incorrectly.

Check back for the update later this week.




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And here is the next beta.  Firstly, please please read the PDF so you can understand what you will experience with the updates!

STB V3.4.0.18 Beta Notes.pdf

The above will update your current installation.  Remember this for Prepar3D V3 users only!  Also this is a beta, so ensure you have a backup or other means to regress if things don't go so well.

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Hi Everyone

Just curios as I've not received any feedback for any of these betas.  Anyone trying them out? Perhaps the new features aren't interesting enough?  That might be a hard answer to hear but a necessary one.  It's difficult to go forward to a full release without beta feedback.


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I've a problem with P3d V3.3.5 and the last STB version, (beta):


I get allways the following message after some time (All Flights selectet):

The following message could not be written to the trace file, since it is not open: <AddPredictedFlights: No Airport Selected


When I don't check and close and restart STB it could be that I get about 50 - 100 Messages. Then I've to close them, and restart STB. With an Airport selected everything is ok.


Any Idea??

Thanks Stefan


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Yes!  That's likely to be a poorly formed debug message!  Here it is:

TraceLog.Write("< AddPredictedFlights: No Airport Selected");

It should say:

if (TraceLog.isActive) TraceLog.Write("< AddPredictedFlights: No Airport Selected");

I'll fix it and rebuild the beta as soon as I can, many thanks for finding this problem.



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