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proper procedure for takeoff and landings


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I have been using parallel runways for takeoff and landings and wonder what the proper separation is for those runways when takeoff and landings happen.  Does the airplane that is taking off have to be completely off the ground and given the goodbye command before the landing aircraft hits the parallel runway.

Been getting too many penalties and have tried different separations but must be just missing the proper separation timing

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I have not played KLAX much because I have the Steam Edition that does not have the hotfix yet, (but it has only been about three weeks, and I must be patient) and get too many penalties for exactly what you are experiencing. I have even tried using 24R for landings and 25L for takeoffs and get penalties when the plane is lined up and waiting on 25L and a plane lands on 24R. I have not tried using just one runway for landing and takeoffs.

As far as KPHL goes, the only problem I have had is when I substituted my own schedule (actually Henrick Norgaard) for the default schedule. See:

I have not experienced this phenomenon with the default schedule for KPHL.

Hopefully others with the hotfix from the developer will respond with their results.


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I have the hot fix and use a custom schedule that I built.  KPHL does work better, about the only alert I have gotten that I didn't deserve was a plane taxing across 17 when I released a plane to take off on 27R.  This may be a valid alert because the runways do cross not sure, just didn't expect it.

KLAX on the other hand.  I run my own schedule there as well and every time I think I have it figured out I wind up getting an alert for something I had been doing for the last hour.  What I try to avoid is having planes taxi across any runway when I release a plane for take off.  I also don't have a plane line up and wait on two runways at the same time other wise you may get an alert when you tell one to take off, this doesn't always happen but it does enough that I avoid it.

For landing I wait until I get the message that the plane has landed and gives you the 10 points.  I'll then send the plane that I had lined up and waiting on either 24L or 25R to take off, if you do it sooner you will probably get an alert, it's real hit and miss.  I played for about three hours the other day and only got one alert doing this.  I got one when I told a prop plane to depart for some reason, still not sure why.


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