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Tower 3D 5 second Lag


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Hi All,

I tried to resolve this with FeelTHere Support but the answer I received was they can not suggest anything else to help me with this issue so I am throwing it out there to see if someone had success with a resolution. I have all the system requirements to run the game. I waited until the SP came out to see if it would resolve the problem but no luck.

When playing the game, the game takes ~5 real time seconds for every game second to elapse. Therefore a huge lag and skipping on the frames. I have reduced resolution and quality but that only makes a very slight difference and then of course the picture is pretty bad.

I ran task manager and CPU runs at only 25% of capacity and Memory at 43% of capacity. So well below what is required to run the game in full resolution and quality. All drivers up to date.

I remember that when playing Tower!2011 I deleted a shadow file on EDDF and that solved this lag problem so now I am throwing it out there to see if anyone has a fix since FeelThere isn't able to help me on this one.

Sucks to have the game and not play it!


Windows 10 64Bit

Intel Core i5-2300 CPU @ 2.8Ghz

6GB Memory


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I agree. Might I suggest the GTX 750ti as an affordable upgrade if money is an issue? Not pricey and the performance is very good even for newer games.
 It has very low power requirements and is small enough to fit in to just about anything.

Your preferences may be different, I am merely making a suggestion based on your current card. The 750ti would make a night and day difference to what you have now.

Of course you could go for a GTX 970 or better, which would need a decent PSU.

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