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Adding a few routes to My Traffic 6.0

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Hello to all:


First of all, software is working great which is why I want to be cautious.  I would like to add a few routes to the existing database.  For example, right now, I don't see any Qantas planes at LAX or Kennedy.  Same with Virgin Australia.  I would like to add these routes, but in my caution, I want to make sure I use the correct application to do this.  I have checked the manual and to be honest, it is not quite clear on how to create them.  Once again, I want to continue to use the existing database, just add a few flights here and there.

Any assistance\recommendations would be greatly appreciated.




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To be cautious, do the following:

Make a copy of the 4 traffic bgl files in MyTraffic\scenery - so that you always can go back.

Than, using the MyTraffic Editor (MyTraffic.exe) and the actual .myt database, try to just compile this (Create all files and traffic). The result should be practically the same ( a few traffic density values might change since there is a random variation in them).

Than make a copy of the actual .myt database, and try to work from that.

Next hint, in this copy remove all flights, and - easiest from the airline dialog, only create 2 or 3 flights you want to add. Verify in game they really show up after create all flights and traffic - if they don't try to understand why - FSX does not display all programmed flights.

Once you have verified they really work, go back to a copy of the original database and import the few flights into the database (import the small Mycommercialroute.dat), and hopefully they still are there.

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