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functions of buttons via fsuipc and Linda to cockpit

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I wanted to try to avoid distrurbing you, but before I go further, I would like to receive your opinion.
I have 3 Leo Bodnars card, BU0836X connected to an EFIS panel, Throttle and the landing lights of B-737-7-800ngx
The cards gives proper signals to Linda and FSUIPC last version.
But i do no longer get contact with cockpit.
No buttons move, but throttle,speedbrake, flap etc. do.
I am guessing ut is a problem in the sim itself, since both of your programs works properly,

but after a few hours searching for errors, I am in a dead end at the moment.
Any suggestions, or just a confirmation if I am wrong or right?

best regards


Again, thank you for a well developed program as FSUIPC, and Linda as well?

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No, LINDA is not mine, and I cannot really help with it -- I don't use it and don't know it at all.

The Bodnar cards look like normal joysticks to FS and FSUIPC, so can be assigned directly there. If those assignments  aren't working with default aircraft let me know, with details.



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