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Update on add-ons please?


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Hi Andrew,


I deleted your other topic, please don't double post.

We will give you a screenshot as soon as we are ready to do so :) We already posted one for New York way back. Also an SP2 will be necessary before we release any airport add-ons as the game engine's developer made some changes that we must implement before we release an airport.

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Let's push Nyerges Desing for screenshots :)

However it needs to be noted they will be on vacation next week and from middle of next week we will close down too for about 10 days for the summer holidays.

Let me tell you Folks, I'm honored from such a great fan base and it is so nice to see these comments and requests. There are times when we work around the clock and "sleep" is a distant memory but seeing and knowing how much you guys appreciate our work is making those nights worthwhile.


Thank you so much

Vic& team

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Hey Vic,

Now that you guys are back form vacation, well rested, and on the job, maybe you could share some new tidbits of info with us.  We, or at least I, are very eager for the next step.  Will the SP2, you mentioned bring any major fixes/improvements, or is it purely for the purpose of integrating add-on airports?



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SP2's main purpose for to make it ready for the add-ons, however we will add some other fixes as well. The full list will follow as soon as we lock that service pack.

Tower!3D Pro
We are pretty advanced and I'm happy to say that well within our internal milestone deadlines.
Here are few things that we have done already:
-camera interpolation between airplanes when we switch between them
-brand new ground radar where the taxiways are marked by their name (no need for printout of the airport chart)
-the airport lights can be turned on at any time
-service cars got some yellow flashing lights. Pretty cool at a busy evening :)
-something that I wanted for a long time; you can write any note to the strips now
-many commands got an FAA facelift
-the approach tries to line up airplanes to runways closest to their terminal
-pushback :)

We have closed down (means tested to be working) 26 new features/fixes/changes for Pro so far.


We are just about to test 3 new airports.
Nyerges Design is pushing hard for the real traffic. He had to build all available airplanes (including some pretty rare ones) in 3D.
We've heard from SimSmith they will try to make some 3D airports as well as 2Ds

Thank you :)

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2 hours ago, Gazdon said:

Will there be a discount for those buying the PRO version if already bought the standard version?

Vic has already stated in previous posts that this will be decided once the Pro version is near completion and they are setting the price.  There was a rather impassioned discussion of this back when the basic version was released last spring, so I think he is well aware that this is important to many of us.

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