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Elite AP3000 and Cirrus II 4.0.9911

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My old flight instructor gifted me a 2002 Elite P.C.A.T.D setup which includes a PFC Cirrus II vers. 4.0.9911 console that is serial as well as rudder pedals and an Elite Avionics Panel 3000 that is also serial. I do have the protocol switch located behind the interchangeable throttle quadrant. 

Here is my issue:

I have tried everything so far to get this thing to be recognized by FSX. 

I have downloaded the Elite software module for FSX and tried the protocol switch in both the PFC position and Elite, both of which are not recognized by the Elite software. The Elite software does not even see the comm port. I am using a Gigiware USB to Serial adapter from RadioShack. I have tried to update the drivers. All seems fine there.

I have also downloaded your PFC module for FSX.

With that it does  recognize the Comm port, but I usually have to un-plug then plug it back in. Sometimes it will even recognize the console, but then the controls will be indicating full deflections and there seems to be no input change.

I have put in about 7 hours trying to trouble shoot this and I am at a loss. Which is why I am reaching out. 

Is it just a matter that my hardware is just too old?

Thank you for your help!






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Sorry, but I've never known an Elite system to work correctly, if at all, with FS except with Elite drivers. I don't even think the protocol switch works to give the later PFC protocols I know and programmed for, but some older version. The only folks I think you can get help from would be PFC or Elite, unless you are a programmer and can use the appropriate monitoring tools to see that signal formats you get and write to decode them appropriately. That's what I'd do as I enjoy it, but I always had the hardware attached in order to be able to do it. I programmed the PFC stuff I had like that (and FlightLink EPIC-based stuff before it).



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