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FS Crash with FSUIPC vs VFSUIPC & WideFS


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I am in the progress of writing and ACARS program (what a task!) and I have a question.

If my application is running directly on the flight sim PC and the flight sim crashes (or my application loses connection), my application catches the exception and displays a warning i.e. Lost connection with your fight simulator...

However, if the flight sim crashes and my application is running via widefs on a secondary PC, this doesn't happen as widefs is still running.

Is there an offset that I can monitor for widefs to see if it is still connected to the flight sim or do you have any other ideas on how to go about this?

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Hi Pete,

Thanks for the quick response.

If I understand correctly, I would create a variable with the previous value of 337E and basically have a timer (with a reasonable period of time) that would compare the previous value to the current one.

The current value should always be greater than the previous one. If it isn't, basically I would have my application prompt the pilot to check his connection to the flight simulator and either try again or quit.

Am I understanding the use of the 337E offset?

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11 minutes ago, CXA001 said:

The current value should always be greater than the previous one.

No, just different. It count cycle around once the value reaches capacity. The only thing to see is that is is changing. If it isn't for a while, the connection isn't currently operative (though of course it may reconnect).



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